Delhi Traffic Police Is Negligent Towards Illegal Parking of School Buses

Posted On: April 6, 2016

Illegal parking is one of the major problems which Dwarkaites are facing. Already the master plan roads and service lanes of Dwarka are occupied by illegitimate parking; schools of Dwarka are adding more grievances to this problem by parking their school buses outside school premises.

Traffic Inspector, Dwarka Rajinder Singh said, “It’s our duty to take action against the offenders and we often do the same by imposing fines on them.” Inspector Rajinder further added “as per law we issue challan of Rs 100 if any vehicle either it is a school bus or any other is parked in No Parking zone. In the case of habitual offenders, we impose challan of Rs 600.”

Now the question that arises is, Why Delhi Traffic Police is negligent towards this issue and do not take any action against all those schools in Dwarka who park their school buses and vans on unauthorized places?

Siddharth Chatterjee a resident of Dwarka said: “On a daily basis our cars get stuck on service lanes or roads near schools because a major portion of these lanes is occupied by school buses and vans.”

Another resident of Dwarka named Pushpa Kohli expressed her concern over this issue and said, “Road near RD Rajpal school sector 9, Dwarka is already very narrow, and these illegally parked school vehicles are nuisance & threat to commuters.The gross indiscipline on this road is more irritating because Police station & Traffic police inspector office are adjacent to ITL and RD Rajpal School.”

“1330 (exact figure) people were challaned in last financial year all over Dwarka for violating traffic rule”, said an official from ACP office Dwarka. But he admitted that it is very difficult to give details of challan of illegally parked school buses or vans.

The challans of illegally parked vehicles act as a deterrent for the common man but to control the habitual offenders schools is an uphill task for Traffic Police.

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