देश को दीमक की तरह चाट रहा है सेक्यूलर पाखंड!

Sandhya Jane|

* Terror has no religion, but food and Yoga has one.

* Protest against dog slaughter is fashionable, and protest against cow slaughter is regressive.

* you can face prosecution for harming dogs or cats, but also face prosecution for saving cows.

* Nag punchami is regressive and friendship day is progressive.

* Vegetarian is boring (घास फुस), but non Vegetarian is interesting.

* Talking about social service by RSS is right wing communal, but talking about terrorist or terror supporter is liberal

* Stone pelters are innocent, soldiers trying to stop and save from the attack are monsters…

* Minorities in Kashmir don’t count at all, but minorities in rest of india do count and are given special treatment.

* Talking about Hindus atrocities in West Bengal is communal, supporting or validating antinational burhanwani is secular

* Marrying Hindu women is acceptable, but, wearing makeup (for poyetring Hindi character) is not acceptable.

* Superstition in Hindus is illegal and deplorable, but attending unverified sainthood ceremony is official and honorable.

* Freedom of speech – BHARAT tere tukade honge, Hate speech – pak will be divided into 4 pieces.

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