Xiaomi MI a great company with bad products!

Posted On: June 12, 2016

MI(Redmi) a very popular brand now a days. In few days mi became a very popular brand among people because it provide a great technology in cheaper price. But mi provide this technology only for few months. You all have seen the advertisement that mi phones are fast as light, yes they are fast but only for few month, after 5-6 months it start hanging or sometime stop working. I have used 2 mi phones. Both phones hanging after 5-6 months.

Sometimes the apps are not open or sometimes the contact are not shown, when i recieve a call it didn’t show me the dialer’s name. I have to restart for seeing contacts and to open apps.

My father who use Lenovo or Microsoft phones didn’t face this type of problems. He is using these phones for about 1 year but I am not able to use mi phones for about 6 months.

Mi is a good brand for those who want to change their phone in 2-3 month but not for those who want a phone for a year to operate. At earlier i am excited about mi, when i heared Xiaomi teams up with Foxconn and setup it’s manufacturing unites in Andhra Pradesh as PM Modi ‘Make in India’ project, but now a days i am very disappointed.