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A Top Star Wanted To Jail Me For Knowing About His Drug Overdose: Kangana

Actor Kangana Ranaut alleged a nepo star, with whom she was dating, was admitted to Kokilaben hospital in 2010 after he had a drug overdose and his family tried to jail her because she knew the secret about it.

“The actor was admitted to Kokilaben hospital after he had an overdose of a drug. He got a reaction in his lungs I think, however, the hospital won’t reveal it and the matter was done and dusted there itself,” she said.

Kangana has been vocal about groupism and nepotism in Bollywood ever since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

In an interview to Republic TV, Kangana said drugs used to flow in the parties like water and LSD, cocaine and ecstasy pills were consumed during the day.

“At that time, his girlfriend, who was a foreigner, used to be there with him. Every night there used to be parties and drugs used to flow like water. Drugs like LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy pills they would even consume during the day,” she said recalling a shoot in Las Vegas.

As much as 99 per cent of Bollywood consumes drugs, Kangana said, adding, “If they are mighty and powerful, how can I harm them? Then why do they want to put me behind bars? They know that I know these secrets so they tried to discredit me, termed me bipolar, or get me killed.”

She also alleged that many governments have helped Bollywood-drug mafia nexus grow. She added the actors and their wives also do drugs and indulge in unimaginable debauchery.

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“Many governments have helped this Bollywood-drug mafia grow. These people promote nepotism, many of them do drugs from childhood and then become actors or directors. Many of these actors, I dated one of them — they go to a place, start with a drink & then go on with drugs. It all starts with a drink, then a roll, and then a pill, then they snort – it’s a secret sign. These actors, their wives move to houses & do drugs, debauchery is unimaginable. I’ve seen how vulgar it becomes and things get out of control at these drug parties,” she said.

Kangana also exposed the symbiotic relationship between Bollywood stars and politicians, while doing drugs. “It is like a symbiotic relationship, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours, that’s how this works. Whenever we see politicians with stars we see them campaigning only, what else do they do together?” she asked.

“When parties happen there are people who want to appease these big stars and supply them with whatever they want. These people are generally from the restaurant business or they own clubs, all the stars I am talking about are always at these places and are prevalent there, it’s not only movie stars even non-movie stars are there, who are serving to these stars and when the stock finishes they disappear in their Ferraris to get more stock,” she said.

I Was Drugged Too

Further talking about Bollywood links to narcotics, Kangana said she had also faced a similar situation at the hands of a character actor. She also alleged that the character actor became a “self-appointed mentor” and later a “self-appointed husband”, who used to drug her and assault her in house arrest.

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“I left Manali when I was 16 years old. After winning a competition in Chandigarh, the agency sent me to Mumbai. After my initial few days in a hostel, I began living with an aunty. During this time, a character actor befriended me and promised me to help her with finding work in Bollywood. He also had impressed the aunty. He soon became my self-appointed mentor and three of us started living together,” she said.

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After a while, things changed for Kangana. The character actor fought with the aunty and sent her out of the house, but kept her belongings in the home and locked her. He kept a watch on Kangana’s activities through his staff.

Kangana alleged that the character actor took her to parties and drugged her, which led to intimacy between them.

“Then I realised that it was not done willingly, but my drink had been spiked. And after that incident, within a week, he became my self-appointed husband. And if I tell him, you are not my boyfriend, he would charge at me with slippers to hit me,” she said.

The actor recalled that the person would take her to meetings with people from Dubai and make her sit amongst elderly men and leave the meeting. “They would take my number … I started fearing that they would supply me to Dubai,” she said.

Kangana also spoke about the person after she signed her first film Gangster in 2006.

“When I got the break, he was agitated. He started telling me after drinking that he never expected that I would get a break so soon. After that he started sedating me with injections, so that I am not able to go to shoots. I told my director Anurag Basu about it. If he would hit me and I would have bruises, Anurag would make me stay at his office for many nights, to protect me,” she said.

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Kangana also revealed that the person would ask her to repeat Mahesh Bhatt’s term repeatedly to create a hallucinatory feeling.

“When I started going to the sets, Mahesh Bhatt, who came only once said, black cat in a dark room continuously. I was just 18 years old then. The character actor would drug me and tell me to repeat Bhatt’s term “black cat in a dark room” for hours. He wanted to create a hallucinatory feeling. I would have committed suicide, but maybe the blessings of my gurus and my inclination towards yoga helped me. When he felt I was going out of his grasp, he started getting more violent. During that phase, one night, I jumped from the window in a drugged condition and got an FIR registered against him,” she said.

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