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After Chillum Chilli, Rhea’s Name Crops Up In Disha’s Death Case

These mentally incapacitated journalists, Rahul Kanwal and Rajdeep Sardesai, belonging to pro-Italian Bhabi’s channel, had passively given clean chit to Rhea Chakraborty. But, going by the sensational disclosures made by BJP MLA Nitesh Rane, son of former Maharashtra Chief Minister Narayan Rane, on Disha Salian’s mysterious death, should make the “Smash The Patriarchy” gang hang their heads in shame for carrying out fake #SaveRheaCampaign.

Speaking to Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Rane dragged the name of Rhea in the mysterious death of Disha, who was handling the PR account of Sushant Singh Rajput for Bunty Sajdeh’s firm Cornerstone. He said Rhea had called up someone in the party on June 8, from where Disha left after a wrong committed on her, and told the person present in the party to do the needful to stop Disha from pursuing the matter further.

“There was a party held at Juhu on the 8th of June and obviously Disha was called there by the certain people – powerful people, who were there partying and she was called there against her wish. But, eventually she showed up at the party.”

“And, in the party, when she was there for a while, whatever wrong happened to her in the party, she left from there and she called up Sushant. That is what information I have. And, she called up Sushant and on the way, she left for her house in Malad Malvani.

Sushant obviously, I heard, called up Rhea and Rhea called up a person there at the party and alerted them and told them (ki) this is what Disha is doing, while she has left your house, so you guys need to do something about it.”

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After Rhea had alerted the partying person, Rane said, someone was asked to follow Disha to shut her up, and after reaching the Malad Malvani house, she was pushed down from the building and she died.

Nitesh Rane Reveals All To Arnab Goswami

“And after that, Disha reached the Malad Malvani house – obviously, someone at the Juhu party would have asked somebody to follow Disha in order to shut her up. When she reached her house, in that house Rohan Rai, her fiancee was present. Obviously, she was pushed down or something happened to her and she died after that,” Rane said.

Rane dismissed suicide theories of Disha and claimed it was a murder, because people are scared about speaking about it. If it was a suicide, people including Rohan Rai, Disha’s fiancee, would have come out in the open.

“It is not a suicide. All the suicide theories of Disha are wrong. I do not believe in them. She was obviously killed because she was talking too much. She was calling people on her way, which obviously people in rave party came to know and that is why whatever happened to her by the time she reached her flat. If it was suicide, why everybody is scared of talking about Disha? She was killed that is why everybody has gone into a panic mode. And that is why Rohan Rai is absconding,” he said.

Rohan Rai is involved in Disha Saliyan case: Nitesh Rane | Techynerd

Rane also raised suspicion upon the conduct of Rohan after Disha was “pushed down” from the building. 
“After she was pushed from the window and fell on the ground. After 25 minutes, Rohan Rai comes down and looks at her. So, someone who is in love with, if she had committed suicide, obviously he would have rushed down to see if she was alive or there were any chances to save her. That is what naturally any human being would have done, but he shows up only after 22 to 25 minutes.”

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“That is why his role is very suspicious. The next day, on June 9, her certain friends called up a few people saying that there is a funeral of Disha on 9th night. And her provisional post-mortem report says it was done on 11th of June. So, what was the reason for the delay in conducting post-mortem?” he asked.

Rane claimed Rohan had called him about 20 days after Disha died and revealed about the events that happened on June 8. “Rohan Rai should come out and disclose the course of events that happened on June 8 to the CBI. If he is not willing to do so, I would reveal all to the CBI about what Rohan Rai told me about Disha’s death,” he said.

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