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And We Shall See (Hum Dekhenge) All Religions Flourish In India

Hum dekhenge …
jab arz-e-khuda ke kaabe se
sab buth uthvae jaenge …
bus naam rahega allah ka …
Hum dekhenge …

This literally translates into: “We will see … When from the house of Allah, all idols will be removed … Only Allah’s name will remain…”

Khuda, Kaaba, Buth, Allah – all is there. The whole Islamic philosophy is woven in this Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem, but Lutyens media and one of the left-liberal cabal kingpin Javed Akhtar gave a symbolic twist to these Islamist lines soon after a complaint was filed by temporary faculty Dr Vashimant Sharma against an IIT-Kanpur student for singing the poem which hurt the sentiments of idolators.

Akhtar said, calling Faiz anti-Hindu is absurd and funny, and added, that the poet wrote the piece against late Pakistan President Zia-ul-Haq.

Some ignorant (jahil) educated brigade also jumped into the fray in support of Akhtar and labeled Faiz as one of the progressive writers and poets of his time and deeply secular.


Can anybody explain what is the meaning and context of this line: Sab buth uthvae jaenge, bus naam rahega Allah ka? Well, the rendition of this poem in Islamic countries can be tolerated, but not in any secular country because it sows seeds of terror in innocent minds. So, a complaint against such a rendition in a tense situation is imperative.

And, less said than better about those who are labeling Faiz as a progressive poet and secular.

Can anybody explain how is Faiz secular when he conceptualized Pakistan? Sahir Ludhianvi, Ghulam Sarwar, Taj Muhammad and many migrated from Pakistan to India during and after partition, Faiz did not.

Not only this, in one of his republished editorials on December 27, 1947, by Pak Tea House, he praised Mohammad Ali Jinnah for liberating Muslim nation and thanked Indian Muslims who created Pakistan but did not migrate there.

If Faiz was secular, he should have opposed Partition and constitutionalism of Hindu genocide after Jinnah declared Pakistan as an Islamist state.

Can anyone from left-liberal brigade or Lutyens media at least show one poem of Faiz where he has written against the persecution of minorities in Pakistan? Has he ever penned a poem against Pakistani laws discriminating Hindus, Sikhs, and other minorities?

Not even one.

The Real Face Of Faiz

During nine-month-long Bangladesh War for Liberation, Pakistani military and its supporting Islamist militias from Jamaat-e-Islami, killed between 300,000 and 3,000,000 people and raped between 200,000 and 400,000 Bangladeshi women, in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape.

Not a single word Faiz spoke against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government. In fact, he was part of his ministry in the capacity of an advisor at the ministry of culture.

He also was silent over Bhutto’s comments calling Bangladeshis “sooar ke bacchay” (sons of pigs) in one of his public speeches?

And, Akhtar is labeling Faiz as progressive. Wow. And this very cabal raises a hue and cry over Veer Savarkar’s plea to join the British Indian Army in World War II, but praises Faiz who actually joined the British Army.

This is absurd – one who appeals, he is called a traitor and another who joined the British army, is called a revolutionary.

Savarkar, actually, had asked Hindus to join the army to strengthen Netaji Bose’s Indian national army, for which Netaji had praised him on Azad Hind radio in April 1944.

Was Faiz Against Military Raj?

In fact, the celebrated poet co-conspired with a Pakistani army official, Major General Akbar Khan and other senior military leaders, to overthrow Liaquat Ali Khan’s government in 1951. They were arrested by Military Police and charged for plotting a coup and tried in secret and given lengthy jail sentences.

Despite this, if someone still claims Faiz was anti-military, he must either be a lair or a duffer.

Was Faiz Athiest?

Poor Akhtar also is spreading lies about Faiz being an atheist, but going by his writings and actions, he gives an impression of a hardcore Islamist.

Isn’t it funny that an atheist is writing: “sab buth uthvae jaeñge … bus naam rahega allah ka …”

Nevertheless, Faiz’s wife Alys George was a converted Muslim and her marriage deed was solemnized by Sheikh Abdullah as per Islamic traditions. If he was progressive, the left-liberal cabal should have questioned Faiz for not opposing his wife’s conversion and solemnizing her marriage as per Islamic traditions.

Moreover, Faiz’s support for the Palestinian cause, praise for the Iranian Revolution, his ode to Prophet Muhammad and a grand elegy for Hussain, forms the central theme of Faiz’s Islamic thought.

In Rudaad-e-Qafas, Major Ishaq mentions about Faiz teaching Quran and Hadees to Hyderabad jail mates. When a colonel asked him why he is teaching Quran and Hadees to prisoners when he is a known atheist, Faiz tersely clarified saying he was a Muslim.

One must ask whether Akhtar also is like Faiz, who claimed himself to be an atheist publicly but called himself a Muslim in private. Meaning, there is a limit for spreading lies.

People are not fools. Faiz was neither secular nor progressive. And idolators will not tolerate poems like ‘Hum Dekhenge”.

This is India. Here mosques, churches, gurdwaras, and temples will be built, and idols will be worshiped.

“Yeh, hum dekhenge” (We shall see this). Period.

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