Augustine Kajur, Journey from IIP To Food Photographer for Zomato

IIPian Augustine Kajur
Deepshikha Justa
Deepshikha Justa

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with IIP pass out Augustine. He grew up in Chhattisgarh and mentioned that he had dabbled with photography during his school and college and that let him decide his career. He thinks that every emerging photographer needs a mentor and his encounter with IIP happens to be the best experience.
After knowing his background and his expedition into photography, I spoke in depth with Augustine about his work, his association with an Indian Institute of Photography and how the struggle transformed to result.

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What are you doing presently and which course you got enrolled in IIP?

At present I am working with Zomato as a food photographer and I did my one year dual diploma course with Indian Institute of Photography.

What was your exposure to photography before IIP?

My exposure to photography was limited to my hobby and from my school days I loved capturing images. Though the tool was my personal mobile, but it played an important role in deciding my career option.

What is your photography genre?

I have been working in various categories such as fashion, food, interior and products and I think as a photographer, your skill set travels everywhere. I mean, although I love doing product and fashion, but when I get a chance to work for another genre, I do it and equally start enjoying it.

IIPian Augustine Kajur Click

How learning in IIP helped you to transform the struggle into results?

Photographers are not born fully formed. They start out as unskilled wannabes, and they reach their goals through right education, hard work and right guidance. There is no institute in the market that guarantee success, though far too many educational institutions sell themselves as claiming to do just that. As for me, I was lucky to find IIP, which was a right choice. After training under expert mentors I gained immense knowledge.

What is the IIP contribution for your success?

In IIP I got trained under such talented mentors who helped me to clear various concepts regarding photography. The mentor’s guidance on each step lead to success in my life. There particular way of teaching that transform you into a creative artistic is commendable. The director of the company Mr. Rajesh Goyal knowledge and reputation in photography industry helped to get noticed in vocational fields.

Did you face any struggle while looking for work?

Two months immediately after completing the course with the help of IIP I started working as an intern with Vedic Craft and after that there was no looking back. Till date I have worked for different clients from different background. At present my association with the brand Zomato has definitely given a splurge to my career.

IIPian Augustine Kajur Click

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