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Biden May Dash India’s Pro-China Eco System’s Hopes If Declared Prez In Jan

There is bad news for Lutyens’ bums.

As per a Chinese government advisor, the US President-elect Joe Biden is certainly a very weak President.

Who cares, if Biden is weak or strong because his position of assuming power in the White House as the US President is still not confirmed as President Donald Trump and his teams are working hard to deny him the presidentship.

Trump using anger towards China over coronavirus to attack Joe Biden as  election battle takes shape | The Independent | The Independent

Trump’s legal team is contesting Biden’s win of the presidency, alleging that some swing states were awash in voter fraud.  If it succeeds in proving voter fraud in the Supreme Court, Trump will be declared the President of the US.

If the Supreme Court declines to hear Trump’s lawsuits, then it will be resolved by the political system. Trump’s political team is working on it plans to decertify the Electoral College vote total on 6 January 2021.

If neither Biden nor Trump has secured the 270 electoral votes required to win, the newly seated House delegations will then cast votes to determine a winner.  

Whoever gets the backing of 26 delegations wins the presidential race. Before Election Day, Republicans controlled 26, while Democrats controlled 22. Two delegations are evenly split between both parties.

So, going by House arithmetics and the US Constitution,  Biden can still be declared a loser in the House come January. Therefore, the  Chinese government advisor Zheng Yongnian calling Biden a very weak President does not matter as of now.

However, what he said about Biden picking up a war against China cannot be ruled out. This is something most of the liberals were not expecting. They felt that Biden would deal with China with great suave than the blatant aggression adopted by Trump.

They wished Biden’s Second Cold War will go away the moment he is sworn in, in the backdrop of his observations that the Chinese were “not bad folks, folks” and were “not competition for us.”

Their wishes are as fake as their news updates and editorials.

Over the years, Democratic presidential candidates take a moral line during election campaigns but end up taking their country to war.

Consider Woodrow Wilson. He tried to keep the US neutral during World War I, but declared war on Germany in 1917 after asking for it in Congress.  

Franklin Roosevelt declared war with Japan after it attacked the American military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 8, 1941.

John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson escalated aid to South Vietnam, which would include the expansion of the US troop commitment.  The US supported a military government in South Vietnam to prevent the Communist North that wanted the takeover of South Vietnam by aiding guerrilla forces on the South.

Subsequent Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Carter’s presidency faced a hostage crisis after the Iran Revolution of February 1979 and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan ten months later.

Clinton made a military intervention in Somalia, Rwanda and Bosnia. He also tried to resolve long-running conflicts in Northern Ireland, and the Middle East, particularly the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Obama’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War was in truth the most ignominious chapter of his presidency.

Successful Democratic candidates for the presidency take a moral stand, but end up taking their country to war. Could Biden could be an exception? It will depend on the stability of the world around US foreign policymakers.

The bad news is the Covid pandemic has created unprecedented economic, social, and political problems, resulting in cross-border conflicts.

For instance, Indian soldiers had a faceoff with China’s PLA at Galwan valley, Russia and Turkey effectively partitioned Libya, Beirut port blasts toppled the Lebanese government and the Mali government was toppled too in a military coup.

Therefore, there seems to be more truth in the Chinese advisor’s statement than the pro-China brigade in India would like us to believe.

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