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Brutal “Ghatak Force” Mercilessly Kill PLA Soldiers At Galwan Valley

The Chinese troops could have never imagined the brutality of the Indian soldiers. If you hear to how brutally the Chinese soldiers were killed, it will send a chill down your spine. It was so brutal. Listen in ….

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  1. Avatar Amulya Tyagi says:

    You should not use the word “brutality”, it is used for the enemy. A more appropriate word to describe the actions of our brave soldiers is “ferocity”.

  2. Avatar Tara Singh says:

    Jai Hind🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  3. Avatar Printed Dhowtall says:

    The Chinese got a taste of their own medicine! Proud of our Indian army! who are always victimised by everyone! whether terrorists/Pakis/politicians/etc.

  4. Avatar Printed Dhowtall says:

    Don’t use the word brutality. You are painting them as criminals while they’re just doing their duty! How do you justify chinese brutality in killing our CO and soldiers? by violating the LAC and taking them by surprise in the night!

  5. Avatar Padma says:

    Please do not words like brutal, terror for our army. What they did was pay back in the same coin. Also you have not mentioned how brutally our men were killed. It will be very easy for Aakar Patel like types to use this against our army. Please report with some responsibility

  6. Avatar vickey says:

    PM Modi should IMMEDIATELY bring the first batch of 7 RAFALES with METEOR missiles to DEFEAT china & buy THAAD antiballistic missile system & 18 F-35 STEALTH FIGHTERS from the USA & 4 to 5 AWACS should be purchased on the fast track from ISRAEL or USA or SAAB to counter 3 front war with CHINA , PAKISTAN & NEPAL which is likely soon. Also, our all Air Defense systems & Nuclear Ballistic missiles & other nuclear weapons should be readied soon to ANNIHILATE China & Pakistan when needed.JAI HIND

  7. Avatar Syed Ahmed says:

    It’s quiet disturbing to listen n read the angry language of our people against our sudden called enemies today. Just few weeks ago we were having one n only deadly enemy who is 1/6 our size n power but still we were brain fed as deadly as for anything strange happen in our country is the main culprit. But today we have found 2 more n one more to add soon.
    Did v ever realize where v stand today..? Isn’t that v r surrounded by enemies at all fronts..? Can anyone with full confidence say that this country will fight for us until the last..? I bet no one unless we give something very important or precious in bargain.
    Can anyone answer my qn as to why this all happened all of a sudden..? Why did even a tiny neighbor showing eye to us at this moment..? It’s a universal law when a person next door knows about yr weeknessses it incites in him to grab opportunity to overpower u n take what they eye on. Over the last 6 years divide n rule policy was the nerve of political system of India weakening the integrity n unity of races religion caste creed region. It was never been to this extent seen in last 70 years despite blunders made by many political regimes. The whole country system appears to be under collapse as we see the situation of the country under covid-19 whether it is political, social, financial,ecomical n judicial.. nothing is working as it should.

    To my firm belief if we don’t work on unifying India with human values , respect love n care to live together in harmony without any discrimination even the whole world if not neighbors will exploit or attack us in various ways n weaken the country after which there will be no return to peace unity n one country.

    My prayers are for everyone who are working for the India that everyone dreamt of since the independence. My curse are for the enemies of my land within & outside.

    Salaam to everyone.

  8. Avatar Kalyani S K says:

    What’s wrong with you? Sandeepji how are you allowing this guy to speak…Only knowing English is not enough. He really does Not know how to speak. We Are Proud of Our Jawans. This man uses no sense while talking. What he said in the last line, is only to be shared. Such demeaning video from ISD…I am pained. You could have spoken in Hindi…and your emotion could have made all feel proud of our army. This is Shaurya Gatha
    And this man made a hash out of it. Sorry Sandeepji, this time on such proud actions, you let us down. Please stick to Hindi.

  9. Avatar mahesh gs says:

    Jai Jawan, entire India salutes your bravery and valor

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