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Censorship Row: Writer Sandeep Deo, Sanjay Dixit And Others Bury Bloomsbury’s Bloom

As soon as Bloomsbury India decided to withdraw Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story, many writers in India have terminated their contracts with the publishing house.

Bloomsbury India had succumbed to the pressure of left-liberal cabal and Islamic fundamentalist. Sandeep Deo, the first Hindi writer for Bloomsbury India, vowed not to publish any of his books with the publisher in future.

Deo, who also is a no-nonsense journalist on Youtube, described Bloomsbury India’s actions as murder of alternative ideas.

Bloomsbury has so far published six books of Deo and further nine were on its publication shelves, but the firebrand writer took away the publication rights of all the pending titles. He has written several books in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi.

JNU Professor and Scientist Anand Ranganathan threatened the publisher of withdrawing its publication rights of his upcoming books if it does not cancel its decision to withdraw the publication of the book on Delhi riots.

He also threatened the publisher of returning the advance paid to him for publication of his book. Anand and Sheetal Ranganathan’s book “Forgotten Heroes of Indian Science” was set to release in July 2021. Earlier, the company had published Anand’s novel “The Rat Eater.”

Anand said he is amazed at the way in which the publishing house succumbed to the leftist and Islamic lobbies.

IAS officer Sanjay Dixit also decided against publishing his book titled “Nullifying Article 370” and “Enacting CAA” from Bloomsbury. The book was scheduled for 20 September release.

Describing the publisher’s censorship as unacceptable, Dixit said he was ending his relationship with it.

“This censorship by @BloomsburyIndia is unacceptable. I do hereby announce that I am ending my relationship with them, and will send Bloomsbury a notice to withdraw my book “Nullifying Article 370 and Enacting CAA” due to be released on Sep 20, 2020. Let them paint themselves Red,” he tweeted.

Dixit, on his Youtube channel “Jaipur Dialogues”, suggested organisation of a bonfire of Harry Potter books if the publisher does not revert its decision in three days.

Authour and former IAS bureaucrat terminates contract with Bloomsbury

He also called for boycotting the Harry Potter series published by the company. “They earn ₹10-15 crores per year out of that title. Take a vow not to let that series enter your house,” he tweeted.

Economist Sanjeev Sanyal also jumped into the wagon and announced his self ban on giving publication rights to the firm in future. This is not the first time Sanyal has raised voice against the huge influence and monopoly of these lobbies.

Harsad Madhusudan also announced a self-imposed ban.

Financial expert and Sanskrit scholar Nityananda Mishra also announced his decision not to publish his book ‘Sunama: Beautiful Sanskrit Names’ with Bloomsbury India. He has published five books with Bloomsbury India so far and the sixth was in line.

He has asked other publishers to contact him and apologized to the readers for the delay.

Meanwhile, Atish Taseer claimed that William Dalrymple, a fictional history writer, played a stellar role in the withdrawal of the book. The book by Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar and Prerna Malhotra, analyzes Delhi riots by citing investigations and interviews.

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