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Chinese Virus: Why The Dragon Wants India’s Support At International Fora?

Beijing has been in a diplomatic spat with US for strongly objecting to the terms as “China Virus” or “Wuhan Virus”. Amidst this, China has asked India not to use the country’s name while referring to the coronavirus and hoped that New Delhi would support them in this regard.

What is the reason for China to reach out to India?

India, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is fast becoming a very influential countries in the world with the recent success of sidelining China and Pakistan over Kashmir and Islamic terrorism issues.

The world leaders also are looking up to Modi for fighting the China virus. Recently, the Prime Minister had convened SAARC meet to tackle the virus in the region. The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also had telephonic discussion with Modi about a coordinated response to the pandemic and its economic ramifications.

This telephonic conversation comes in the wake of plans of holding a “Virtual G20 leaders’ summit” on March 26. G20 includes the European Union and major economies such as China, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and US.

Therefore, China understands the influence of Modi on world leaders and expects him to support it when the country has been cornered by Western countries, who are alleging China using the virus as a bio-weapon to destroy humanity.

Amidst this, India Speaks Daily has posed several questions to Sun Weidong, China’s ambassador to India, on his Twitter handle.

1) Why is it that Wuhan is the only city that has been infected in whole of China, not Beijing and other places?

2) Why did China conceal the information from the world about the deadly virus in its early stages?

3) Why did the testing samples of the virus destroyed?

4) Why were the doctor and the journalist, who brought this virus in public domian, silenced?

5) Why didn’t China inform the WHO to make public the existence of the virus, despite other countries asking for it?

6) Why did China use proto-communist leader and WHO Director General to conceal the human-to-human transmission alert alarmed by Taiwan? What was Tedros doing in Beijing in January?

7) Why did WHO was tweeting till January 11 the needlessness of guidelines for international flights? Why did WHO lie when it has been proved now that the virus is contagious?

8) Why did China send 50 lakh people from Wuhan to different parts of the world without any medical checkup?

9) Till February, it was a minor case, but all of a sudden, why did Chinese people visited with “We are Chinese, not virus. Come hug us” placards in Italy’s city of love – Milan?

10) Is it a mere coincidence that, both China and WHO, on the same day came out in public praising India’s efforts to fight the virus?

11) The very next day, you (Weidong) tweet, hoping for India’s support to China at international fora over the virus outbreak. What is the reason?

Prime Minister Pandit Nehru had committed a mistake of fighting for China’s UN membership, but this is Modi’s government, and we do hope, he would not commit such a mistake?

This is the same China which had objected to the UN listing Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a terrorist and worked on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor falling in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, an Indian territory that has been illegally occupied by Pakistan since 1947?

Should India support The Dragon? We leave it for people’s discretion.

Note: India Speaks Daily gives a damn to pseudo racist slurs. We do not have a second thought in calling coronavirus as Chinese virus.

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  1. Avatar Deepak Kumar says:

    World should sue Communist party of China for this epidemic spread

  2. Avatar jagdish says:

    as i have said we have to understand that “China itself is virus”

  3. Avatar Prashant Gupte says:


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    I am using this last 22 years from my younger daughter birth.

    This can be used in Corona virus positive patients as a parelal treatment along with regular treatment of Allopathy.

    This is the time to prove Ayurveda to world.


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    Prashant Gupte.


    Thane. Maharashtra. India.

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