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Chinese Virus: Is It Time To Use Iron Hand As The Philippines And The Saudis Do?

As India is making sincere efforts to curb the spread of Chinese virus, the Jihadi elements are indulging in deliberate cough and spit attacks, unleashed on doctors and police officials, whose only crime is to save their lives.

In New Delhi, some of the 160-odd Tableeghi Jamaat attendees, who were quarantined at a railway facility, misbehaved and spit at doctors and healthcare personnel attending to them. The Jamaat’s headquarters in Hazarat Nizamuddin has emerged as Chinese virus hotspot.

In Indore, a video has gone viral on Twitter, where Muslims are seen chasing and pelting stones at the health officials, besides women doctors sustaining injuries in the leg.

In Bengaluru, an Accredited Social Health Activist worker, Krishnavaini, was allegedly manhandled by Muslims in Sadiq Nagar, while checking if any of the residents had symptoms of the virus.

The workers were also checking if anyone from the locality had visited the Tablighi Jamaat’s Markaz at Hazarat Nizamuddin in New Delhi.

Krishnavaini alleged that the people snatched documents pertaining to surveillance work, mobile phones and other valuables. ASHA workers have been collecting data about COVID-19 symptoms across Sarayipalya and adjoining areas.

In Bihar, people owing allegiance to Tableeghi Jamaat attacked the police while admonishing them for defying the ongoing lockdown.

The police had visited a mosque in a village in Madhubani district. Stones were pelted at police when they went to check if any attendee of Delhi’s Tablighi Jamaat event was staying in the mosque.

Apart from this, the left-liberal cabal and civil societies, repeatedly are raising questions about the handling of virus outbreak, especially the problem faced by migrant workers due to the announcement of lockdown.

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The Lutyens media has given a religious colour to the tracking down of the Tableeghi Jamaatis, who have been suspected to have contracted the disease.

Therefore, the centre and BJP-ruled states are facing double challenge from jihadi elements and left-liberals.

Can India Take Cue From Philippines, Saudi Arabia?

The BJP governments can take a cue from Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines President, who seems to have worked out a solution to deal with the left-liberal cabal in his country. He has ordered police officers to shoot violators of lockdown imposed due to Chinese virus pandemic.

Duterte warned the left-liberal brigade of detaining them until the end of the virus outbreak.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is battling Chinese virus outbreak, could grant death sentence to a man who deliberately spat at the shopping trolleys, as its considered among heinous crimes and ir-religious.

It also regards “spit attacks” as imparting corruption by deliberately seeking to spread the virus among people and stirring panic among them.

Now, it is worth watching if the central government wants to take stringent measures against jihadi elements and left-liberals, as Philippines and Saudi Arabia rulers are doing, or remain on a standby and watch the mayhem unfold, just it did during anti-Hindu riots in Delhi.

But, there is truth in Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s statement: “This is not just a tweet. This is a stern warning … Human rights are only for humans.”

Hope, all the governments in India realises this and act in unison to nip in the bud anti-human elements.

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    Shooting order required in India to be enforced, some religiously illiterate will never understand.

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