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Deepika Got Rs 5 Crore From ISI Agent Aneel Mussarat To Attend Anti-CAA Protest At JNU

After exposing Bollywood connections with Kashmiri separatist Tony Ashai, former RAW Officer NK Sood made yet another sensational claim of Deepika Padukone receiving Rs 5 crore from Mussarat to attend anti-CAA protests at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

“During an ED investigation, it has been found out that Deepika Padukone had received Rs 5 crore from Mussarat to attend anti-CAA protests at JNU,” Sood said in his Youtube channel.

He also alleged that Deepika had received two calls before she visited JNU. One call was from Karachi and the other was from Dubai.

Further, the Enforcement Directorate Sood said, has already initiated a probe on Deepika. Earlier this year, widespread protest on social media after ISI’s General Director Asif Ghafoor had praised Deepika for attending JNU protest. Consequently, her film Chhapaak bombed at the box office and lost contracts and advertisements.

Deepika had visited JNU during the film promotion of her film Chhapaak, which also resonated in Pakistan.

Throwing light on Mussarat, Sood said the Pakistani agent is a very good friend of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. He has funded Imran’s PTI party and his cancer hospital.

He also hosts ISI men and Pakistani Army during their visits to London. In fact, the photographs of Mussarat and General Qamar Javed Bajwa had gone viral on social media.

Sood also highlighted the possibilities of Sonam Kapoor getting directions from Mussarat as she also had tweeted against CAA.

“Anil Kapoor, Sonam’s father, apparently knows Mussarat for 25 years and the Pakistani agent had attended Sonam’s marriage,” he said.

Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Sonam, Anil, Sunil Shetty and Karan Johar, in 2017, had graced the wedding of Mussarat’s daughter, Sood said.

Sood also said the centre has decided to hand over the Bollywood-Pakistan nexus case to NIA. “The center has also spoken to the Maharashtra government and soon the probe will start,” he said.

He also revealed some of the documents released by Wikileaks, which called Mussarat a small fish in a big pond, who connects Bollywood celebrities with prominent personalities across the world.

Sood urged the central government to deny visa to Mussarat or if he manages to come to India, he should be arrested and interrogated for his anti-India activities.

NK Sood | klapboardpost

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  1. Avatar CV Kumar says:

    For the sake of career (for earning CRORES of rupees without any struggle) these people become spineless and sell their souls and become a member of Alibaba gang!!!

  2. Avatar ioris says:

    If is know that she got 5Cr. then why didn’t he file a complaint ??

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