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Destruction Of Hindu Temples In AP Ruled By Devout Christian CM

There has been a “constructive destruction” of Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh, said YSR Congress MP K Raghu Rama Krishna Raju during Zero Hour on September 19.

He also sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention in this regard.

Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, MP on the coordinated assault on Hindu heritage -  PGurus

If an MP is seeking PM’s intervention in Lok Sabha, then it should be treated as an alarming situation.

It is an irony that though the Hindus are in majority, they have been treated like a minority in Andhra Pradesh.

The acts of arson upon Hindu temples and idols are increasing after the assumption of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as Andhra Pradesh chief minister. It is a well-known fact that he is a devout Chritian and his brother-in-law is into the business of evangelism.

Here are some of the destruction of temples taken place in Andhra Pradesh.

In March 2019, a pastor of a nearby church in Suryaraopeta of Kakinada Rural mandal of East Godavari district demolished two Hindu temples using a JCB machine.

Thereafter, he whisked away with the antique idols of the presiding deity of the temple.

The chariot of presiding deity Sri Lakshmi Narsimha was burnt to ashes on 6 September at Antarvedi in East Godavari allegedly by Christian missionary groups.

At the time of arson, the CCTV cameras reportedly were not functioning. Hordes of people and devotees protested against the act of arson.

Previously, a chariot of Prasanna Venkateshwara Temple was targeted in Nellore district in February, but the police dismissed it as an act of some mentally unstable persons.

In February itself, idols of Sri Venu Gopala Swamy temple were destroyed in Rompicherla village in Guntur district and Sri Ganesha’s idol was stolen.

Andhra Pradesh govt orders CBI probe into temple chariot burning case

A month before, miscreants desecrated idols of Hindu god and goddesses in Pithapuram city in East Godavari district and also reduced to ashes banners having the printed images of Hindu gods on them.

On 16 September, the media reported the missing of three of the four silver lions attached to the chariot belonging to Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam.

Surprisingly, the officials allegedly kept the issue a secret.

On the same night, unidentified miscreants damaged a portion of the Nandi idol at the historic Kasi Visweswara Swamy temple at Makkapeta village in Vatasvayi mandal in Krishna district.

These are the temples that are under the state control, and have been aiding mosques and churches.

In fact, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams contribution alone to Andhra Pradesh government is Rs 50 crore, but the chief minister fails to protect Hindu temples and idols.

Jagan, who is a devout Christian, is facing allegations of appointment of a family member in Tirupati Temple Board and filling Christians as staff of boards of Hindu temples.

His government is also facing allegations of using government agency like the Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation to propogate Islam and Christianity.

Ads for Hajj, Jerusalem pilgrimage on bus tickets to Tirupati triggers row,  AP govt clarifies | The News Minute

In August last year, Hindu pilgrims travelling to Tirupati were greeted with Hajj and Jerusalem pilgrimage tour advertisements on bus tickets.

The advertisement was published by Andhra Pradesh State Minority Department.

The Jagan government also ran into controversy after a book published under TTD grant had pages referring to Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Last December, another controversy occurred when the name of Jesus Christ was displayed on the link to the official page of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.

Why is Jagan not taking any steps to protect Hindu temples?

And, where are those wretched Lutyens mediapersons, who quickly brand the majority Hindus as intolerant over an incident of theft in Delhi’s Christian church?

They are a bunch of scumbags, who go into a hiding if these atrocities are inflicted upon Hindu temples and idols.

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    It is high time the religious desecration of Hindu temples is noted by Indian Govt of Modi . Firstly ,wherever a person is Converted ,his name should be changed so that he cannot CHEAT people by keeping his Hindu name and prophesing Christianity .If such a law would have been there ,no Jagan mohan reddy would have been able to CHEAT AND COME TO POWER .This is happening in a number of States ..Modi and Amit Shah should take up this project to prevent cheating by politicos and missionaries . Further , no non practising Hindu should be allowed to be a part of a Hindu temple management .I hear that TTD ‘s Chief is a relative of CM .now since names are old ,who can say he is a hindu or a convert ? These measures may seem extreme but unless Hindus protect ourselves ,no body will save you .I remember a old video in which a CHRISTIAN POLICE Inspector in AP disallowed a hindu procession in Tirupathi .It is high time we learn to Guard our religion or else be prepared to face an INDIA of Christians and Muslims in the near future .

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