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Dr Sudhir Gupta’s Exposé Is Proof Enough To Invoke 302 In Sushant Case

Republic TV today exposed AIIMS’ Dr Sudhir Gupta’s flip-flop in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

Dr Gupta had attacked Cooper Hospital and Mumbai police reports in a chat with the channel.

Who is Dr Sudhir Gupta? AIIMS forensic chief who allegedly said Sushant was  'not murdered'

He had said the crime scene was not kept intact and there was contamination of evidence not suitable for further examination with sanctity.

And, very very important thing he said was the reports and evidence provided to AIIMS, were insufficient for conducting an examination that would later allegedly yield conclusive findings and a 100 per cent result.

“Why was the autopsy done in such a hurry, was any videography done? There was contamination of evidence and is not suitable for further examination with sanctity. I had never given permission to open Sunanda Pushkar’s room for four years. There was also a case of DK Ravi in Bangalore,” he told Republic TV.

In separate Whatsapp Chats on August 11 with the channel, Dr Gupta had also raised questions on forensics, saying that the medical board of Cooper Hospital did not have forensic specialists as per norms.

“Who constituted the medical board? What was justification for the medical board…by the police?” were some other questions asked by Dr Gupta.

But, after few weeks, Dr Gupta did a 180-degree U-turn, telling select media that the AIIMS had given conclusive report claiming that Sushant had committed suicide by hanging himself.

The SSRians are shell-shocked over Dr Gupta’s conclusive report based on insufficient reports for conducting further examination, as per his own statements given to the channel on August 22.

Several questions now have emerged. Some of them are: Why did Dr Gupta do the U-turn? Why did he leak an unofficial statement to select media? What was the motive? Is he pressurised?

AIIMS, CBI in agreement in Sushant Case, 'more deliberations' required: Dr  Sudhir Gupta - Republic World

Most importantly, who is pressuring him? This question is in the context of Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray’s statement after his name was dragged in the Sushant case.

He had stated that he had no connection to the case and Mumbai Police was conducting a detailed probe.

Thackeray also had said that he will never commit any act that causes a dent to the prestige of Maharashtra, Shiv Sena, and his family.

Thackeray’s name once again was dragged in the case on August 13 as actor Rhea Chakraborty’s call-log mentioned that she had made multiple calls to a mysterious person whose number was saved as AU, which co-incidentally is Aditya Thackeray‘s official Twitter handle.

However, some reports suggest that AU stands for one of Rhea’s close friends Ananya Uddhas.

Sandeep Singh, who is also under CBI scanner in the case, is very well acquainted to the Theckeray family. He has been associated with Smita Thackeray, daughter-in-law of Bal Thackeray, in the making of the biggest biopic “Thackeray”.

Sandip was seen actively orchestrating the events immediately after Sushant’s death. He was also seen with the actor’s sister outside Cooper hospital on June 14, though the family said his presence was circumstantial and they did not know him.

Sandeep had told Republic that he was Sushant’s good friend.

He had also made a suspicious revelation that he was at his home when he heard about Sushant’s death on June 14 from Mahesh Shetty, which was in contradiction to Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam’s claim that Sandeep was with him.

Nirupam had praised Sandeep for ‘arranging’ Sushant’s autopsy, which turned out to have had numerous lapses.

Sushant Singh Rajput died by strangulation concept: AIIMS panel chief  refutes lawyer Vikas Singh's claims, says 'Can't make an opinion by looking  for marks - Spontac News

Bunty Sajdeh, brother-in-law of actor Sohail Khan, has also come under CBI lens. The CBI reportedly wanted to know how long did Shruti Modi and Disha Salian had handled Sushant’s account.

Sajdeh is the CEO of Cornerstone Sports and Entertainment Pvt Ltd where Shruti and Disha used to work.

The officials also had asked Sajdeh whether Sushant spoke to anyone at Cornerstone regarding Disha’s death.

The CBI is likely to probe if Sushant’s death is linked to Disha, who also died under mysterious circumstances.

BJP MLA Nitish Rane had said the mysterious deaths of Disha and Sushant are linked.

He had revealed that Rohan Rai has inside information about the death of Disha, who was her fiance, because he was present in the house when she allegedly fell from a building. The Mumbai Police however has not questioned him.

Under these circumstances and many testimonials gathered by CBI, it is high time for the central investigating agency to add 302 in the FIR lodged by KK Singh, Sushant’s father, and bring the killers to the book.

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