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Farmers Protest, A Ploy To Stop India’s Fast Economic Recovery

The Congress eco-system is shell-shocked.

It expected a resounding victory of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son in Bihar elections on anti-incumbency factor. But, Narendra Modi’s charisma prevailed and Bihar voted for NDA again.

Running out of issues to counter Modi’s popularity, the eco-system of late has adopted the formula of creating anarchy in the country. It ran a failed propaganda against the abrogation of Article 370, and the Citizenship Amendment Act, which culminated in the majority of Hindus getting killed in Delhi riots. It also ran a fake Hathras gangrape campaign to woo Dalits in 2020 Bihar elections.

All these failed.

Not a single protest was launched by Kashmiris in the Valley against the centre’s decision to abrogate Article 370, which withdrew the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir.  The Hathras propaganda did not cut much ice and NDA romped home to in Bihar.

So, what is the next agenda of the eco-system to arrest Modi’s popularity? To create the next wave of anarchy.

Before revealing the next wave of anarchy, it will be interesting to study the latest GDP numbers released by the centre.

What do these numbers say?

Clearly, the numbers show that the Indian economy has recovered faster than expected in the September quarter. It has sharply rebounded in Q2 to -7.5 per cent as compared to the large unprecedented -23.5 per cent decline recorded in Q1.

The contraction in the economy was due to the Chinese virus that severely affected economic activity.

Manufacturing posted a surprise 0.6 per cent growth in July-September after it had shrunk by a massive 39 per cent in the preceding quarter.

The trade and services sector showed lower-than-expected contraction at 15.6 per cent.

india news: Indian economy in deep trouble: S&P - The Economic Times

The agriculture sector posted a growth of 3.4 per cent in Q2, mirroring its Q1 growth. Thus, remaining the only sector that showed consistent growth because it faced limited restriction as compared to other sectors during the lockdown.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the industry captains and experts have raised their hopes on the positive side for Q3.  They expect a multiplier effect on the economic growth trajectory through enhanced demand, job creation, increased private investments, escalated exports and growth of sectors, under Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0.

Clearly, all these indices point towards India registering yet another faster recovery in the third quarter with the sentiments of availability of Corona vaccines.

Aha, is this bothering the anti-India eco-system, especially after receiving a mighty blow at Bihar hustings?

So, how would they like to stop the recovery? Create another anarchy wave! Of course.

This time it is the fake farmers protest against the Centre’s new farm laws. A law that gives farmers the freedom to sell their produce either at the mandis or to anyone he wishes at prices of his choice. There should not be any dissatisfaction among the farmers on this front.

Farmers across the country are happy, except in Punjab. They are protesting. They have reached Delhi. If they are genuine farmers, they wouldn’t have hit the streets. Simple.

So, who are they? Commission Agents? Urban Naxals? Pro-Kalistanis? Congressmen? Who?

The fact is that the eco-system cannot digest Modi’s success to bring India’s economy on the fast track. They know how to play with the emotions of the farmers.

They have misled them on the historic farm bills by infusing fear that the government will not buy their produce at mandis when the fact is that it has promised to feed millions of marginalised people during the pandemic free of cost.

They understand that stopping of agricultural activities means putting brakes on the manufacturing and services sectors, and bringing the economy to Q1 levels.

Hence, this is why the eco-system has launched this fake farmers’ protests.

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