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First Step Towards Fighting Coronavirus – Conquer Fear, But Lefties Are Good At Negating It

As you open your Twitter handle, you are treated with loads of rubbish posted on Coronavirus, which is creating fear psychosis among people.

The blue-ticked geniuses (left-liberal cabal) on Twitter are at the helm of affairs, without a semblance of doubt. They are creating an atmosphere, where fear can disconnect themselves from others. Especially, a pandemic fear can make people become less open to others.

When people turn away from reality, their energy saps and they begin to feel dull and tired, but when they meet the challenges like coronavirus, they become discerning, eloquent, courageous and able to hold their heads up. Courage gives people the energy at the time of grave crisis.

So, what is the mantra for overwhelming fear and other negative traits?

The first question to ask yourself is, “Who am I in relation to the current situation?” You are the permanent being and situation impermanent. The nature of the virus is to penetrate boundaries and it’s movement is unsettling, uncertain and shocking.

So, the second question to ask yourself is, “How am I affected by the current situation?” or “Am I aware of not just my thoughts, but my deeper feelings?”

If you are able to realise that you are just a witness to the transient situation, only then you can deal with it. If you do not realise this in transient phenomena, you might project your fears onto others, including the governments all over the world.

So, it will be better off, if you can turn off the news for a while, meditate, turn on RD Burman or AR Rahman, stroll through the forest or the mountains and begin to make yourself calm and peaceful.

When you react to pandemic problem with with fear, you create a frightened society. Instead, you can use courage and compassion to respond calmly with a fearless mind.

Recognition Of Interconnectedness

Another piece of wisdom is the recognition of interconnectedness. How do we understand this phenomena? The answer lies in a simple hygiene practice of hand-washing to prevent spread of coronavirus.

Hand-washing is not an act of individual, but an act of community care. So is staying home when sick. While practising these simple hygiene etiquette, our understanding of “self” and “other” starts to break down.

“Interdependence is a fundamental law of nature. Even tiny insects survive by mutual cooperation based on innate recognition of their interconnectedness. It is because our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence. Therefore we need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others,” Dalai Lama says.

The Magic Of Chanting Mantras

Yet another piece of wisdom is creation of positive vibrations.

His Holiness Dalai Lama, when asked to give advice on ways to contain spread of coronavirus by a group of Chinese Buddhists and His followers, said chanting Tara mantra (ॐ तारे तुत्तरे तुरे स्वाहा) as much as possible could help contain the spread of the pandemic.

One can listen to His Holiness voice here.

This makes us wonder if Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked us all to gather at the terrace and balconies of our buildings to clap or clang thaalis, amidst chanting of mantras and blowing of conchs, by taking a cue from our ancient texts.

The left-liberal cabal will never understand nor try to understand the powers of Internalism, because they refuse to move beyond the powers of Externalism.

Jai Hind …

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