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Geelani’s Resignation, A Fallout Of Modi-Shah-Doval’s Kashmir Policy

A news has just come in, after hearing which, would make every Indian happy and add salt on the wounds of Lutyens brigade.

Because, the news is as such. The news is – the Kashmir policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and NSA Ajit Doval, is appearing to bear fruits. This is so, because of the resignation of Syed Ali Shah Geelani from the Hurriyat Conference. In fact, he has released an audio message and two-page letter, announcing his resignation.

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Geelani said he was announcing his resignation because of “the current circumstances” in the umbrella group.

He accused Hurriyat leaders of hatching “conspiracy and resorting to lies against him” and also teaming up with the Hurriyat chapter in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which had targeted him.

These reasons mentioned in the letter are good for media consumption, but the real facts are something else, which the Lutyens media is smothering in their high-decibel debates.

So, what are the real reasons for Geelani’s resignation?

First and foremost, Geelani is not a leader. He had formed a party, which was out-rightly rejected by Kashmiris. Disappointed, he became a stooge in the hands of Pakistan, which paved the way for his meteoric rise as the voice of terrorist and Azadi Movement.

And what was his USP? He is a radical Maulana. And who was behind him? Of course, the left-liberal cabal and the Lutyens media, who shamelessly address him as “Geelani Sahab.”

So, one can imagine – how big a personality he was. But, what happened now? Actually, the headache for the Maulana begins from the day when the Indian Parliament abrogated Article 370, which gave special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

Congress and PDP smell politics in Geelani's release | Daily Mail ...

This decision enraged Pakistan and pushed the anti-India and anti-Muslim campaign aggressively with the help of the eco-system nursed by it, in India. One can hook on to YouTube and see for themselves the rhetoric of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and the eco-system back here, warning of a bloodbath, once India lifts curfew in the Valley.

But, to much disappointment of the eco-system, nothing of that sort happened. The Kashmiris did not hit the streets and everything is normal in the valley. Resultantly, Pakistan’s propaganda of provoking Kashmiris against Modi government’s decision, failed miserably. Therefore, Pakistan’s anger against ISI has been directed against Hurriyat Conference leadership.

Pakistan, now, has realised the futility of patronising Geelani, after spending millions of dollars over three decades on him and others. Therefore, in these circumstances, Geelani thought it wise to resign from Hurriyat Conference.

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This is the story from Pakistan’s angle, but there is another side to it. The Lutyens brigade has kickstarted the campaign of changing the demographic change in “Muslim-dominated” Kashmir. One must ask this rogue unit, wasn’t it a case of demographic change, when the Kashmiri Pandits were hounded out of the valley, in most inhuman and brutal way? Where was this gang at that point of time?

It, probably is, the most unfortunate story that the Kashmiri Pandits are the refugees in their own country. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of central government to restore the status quo of the times of Raja Hari Singh.

To achieve this, the Modi government is not leaving any stone unturned to bring back the Kashmiri Pandits to the state where they belonged, which has not been opposed by the local populace.

This, actually, is a very good news for all Indians. Now, it will be interesting to know, who would want to lead, when the Hurriyat Conference’s ship is sinking, due to Modi’s Kashmir policy.

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