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Hey Aishe, It’s PC Joshi, Not Savarkar, The British Stooge

The lumped Communists defaced a newly put up signboard called “V D Savarkar Marg” at Jawaharlal Nehru University and put up Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s poster instead.

Taking to Facebook, JNU Students’ Union President-Elect Aishe Ghosh said they can never accept apologists and stooges of the British who undermined India’s secular fabric.

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However, Aishe can accept the Communists, who clandestinely had a secret pact with the Britishers to subvert Quit India Movement, which also prompted Mahatma Gandhi to expose their conspiracy, but not Savarkar.

The Communist Party of India was officially against Quit India Movement. The basis of its decision was not on any understanding of the Indian situation, but the result of a diktat emanating from Moscow.

Till 1941 June 22, the CPI was with India and against British Imperialists. They fought against Brits as Soviet Union was having a secret pact with Adolf Hitler.

Stalin-Hitler pact was a secret plan to invade and share several countries including Poland. So the USSR and CPI were against Britain and Indian British government.

Operation Barbarossa changed the world order of Communists all over the world. Hitler attacked Joseph Stalin, who took Britain’s aid. The “Communist International” which controlled the communist parties around the world gave orders to change the track.

In India, it meant Communists had to isolate themselves from mainstream politics and look at British rule as a friendly force.

This has been corroborated by K K Chaudhari in his Book Quit India Revolution: The Ethos of Its Central Direction. He wrote: “On many occasions, the Communists were indeed more royalist than even the King of England”.

They were not only loyal to the Britishers, but also to Jinnah. They not only supported Jinnah’s two-nation theory, but also pressed for cutting India into 17 countries.

The Communists supported two-nation theory on the basis that India was not one nation, but a collection of several separate nationalities. They argued that the demand for Pakistan was just and democratic, because Hindus would oppress them in future.

The Communists also contended that secession would lead to still greater and more glorious unity of India. Based on this thesis, they also supported “Direct Action Day”, a call given by Jinnah.

They oppose Savarkar because he advocated nationalism and nation-building, which is in contrast to their objective of cutting India into pieces. Had it not been for him, the 1857 rebellion would not have been called India’s first war of independence and people would have seen it from the point of view of Britishers.

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