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History of Soaps



Sponsored Post: There is no evidence in our history of how exactly a soap was discovered but numerous legends are surrounding its beginning. According to Roman legend, women washing clothes in the river observed that if the clothes are washed under the ceremonial altars after heavy rainfall the clothes were much cleaner. It was then identified that after an animal sacrifice, rain would wash animal fat and ash that would collect under the ceremonial altars.

Moreover, during the British rule in India, the Lever Brothers, England introduced modem soaps in the country. They imported it initially and then started to make it locally in the country. The first company that manufactured soap was North West Soap Company, which was situated in the city of Meerut in UP.

Initially the concept of soap was introduced to keep the clothes clean and fresh. With advancement in science and modernization of manufacturing processes, soap composition or it’s chemistry began to change to remove impurities or harmful chemicals as much as possible. Soap companies started to imported coconut and palm oil and later started to produce cottonseed oil domestically to  reduce their dependency on animal fats and by-products.

In today’s world, majority of the commercially manufactured soaps are highly specialized and lab-engineered products. They including moisturizers, conditioners, lathering agents, colors, and scents, to make soaps more appealing to the senses and be gentle on the skins.

Importance of soap in a woman’s life

Women always want to look younger no matter what their age is and this gave companies enough to sniff business in making women look younger, fresh, and beautiful. They started making soaps and cosmetic products that helped them look much younger than their actual age. Using the right soap for the right kind of skin helps women to improve the following conditions:

  • Removes oil and dirt: Women’s skins are soft. So, whether they are working at home or in the office,  this results in gathering dust or smokes on their face. Women especially with oily faces or T-zone attract more dust and become oily. Washing the face with soap or facewash removes the oil and helps to make the skin look fresh and young. Dirt sticks to the face skin and if not removed regularly, cause skin darkening and pimples plugging the skin pores. Using a homemade soap with no chemicals helps keep skin soft, supple, and without skin problems like pimples, acne, skin darkening, etc.
  • Feeling Fresh: Who doesn’t want to step out of their shower feeling fresh and showing off smelling like green tea or sandalwood? Women especially like to feel fresh and show they sell like sandalwood, rose, aloe vera when they come out of the shower.
  • Sensitive skin: Women with sensitive skin experience skin disorders like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis which make their life hell and shatters their dream of showing off flawless skin. Prolonged use of soaps with harmful chemicals results in various skin disorders as mentioned above. Ideally switch to handmade soaps or organic soaps with zero chemicals used in their making. Taking proper care of sensitive skin is difficult but with careful selection of cosmetics especially the soaps you use can keep off many skin problems. Be a proud owner of beautiful fragrant skin.
  • Skin redness: Traditional soaps or body wash can develop skin redness due to harmful chemicals in them. It is always recommended to use mild soaps and if required always consult your dermatologist for the kind of soap that best suits your skin type. Do not fall for soap advertisements as that’s exactly what they are meant for.

It is important to keep oneself as clean and hygienic as possible and handmade soap forms one of the most important products to keep oneself clean and clear.

Women these days are spoilt by the choice of soaps they can buy and use. But remember the history of soap how far it has traveled to reach present-day soaps. – is your personal premium store where you can buy products with a story. A story that touches many lives such as artisans who painstakingly stick bed sheets for your rooms to street dogs whose lives are saved from the contributions Jayante makes every time you order handmade soap from us.

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