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India Speaks Daily Analyses Chinese Govt’s Funding In Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

During Doklam and Galwan faceoffs, the Congress has been critical about the Indian government, but did not speak a word against the Chinese government’s aggrandizement behaviors.

India Speaks Daily has relentlessly been asking the Congress for its extra-constitutional behaviours, supporting the Communist Party of China for everything it does against India.

Even today, we ask the Congress party. Why is it that it fails to launch a tirade against the Chinese government, even after the People Liberation Army martyred our jawans in Galwan valley faceoff?

Today, India Speaks Daily is in possession of documents, which exposes Congress party receiving funds from the Chinese government in crores. Is this the reason why the Congress does not speak a word against China?

Before we give you the details of the money received from the Chinese government as donations, it is important to throw light on Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Annual report of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation of 2005-2006

The RGF was set up on 21 June 1991. The foundation works on critical social issues and it is being run by those who also run the Congress party. There are ten trustees in the foundation, out of which, three are from Gandhi family – Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.

Sonia is the chairperson of the foundation and other trustees are former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Economist Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Suman Dubey, Dr Sekhar Raha, Prof MS Swaminathan, Dr Ashok Ganguly, Sanjiv Goenka and P Chidambaram.

Annual report of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation of 2006-2007

It is astounding that Chidambaram, who was jailed for money laundering and other economic offences, is a trustee of the foundation. Even more astonishing is that he throws tantrums at Narendra Modi government’s economic policies, despite people being aware of his failed policies as the finance minister in petticoat sarkar.

When we dug into the documents, some astonishing details came to our notice, which would be interesting for you to know.

One of the documents states that, between 2006 and 2007, the Chinese government had donated Rs 90 lakh to the foundation. Countrymen, just think of it, how Manmohan Singh-led petticoat sarkar was run. Now the question arises – why did the Chinese government donated fund to the foundation run by the Gandhis?

We also dug into another document, which gives details about funds received by the foundation. In 2005-2006, China donated Rs 10 lakh to it.

After receiving more than Rs 1 crore from the Chinese embassy and government, the foundation launched a study focused on the interests of China.

Interestingly, between 2009 and 2010, the foundation went a step further and studied the feasibility of a Free Trade Agreement between India and China. The study essentially wanted the economy to completely open up between India and China.

The FTA study also continued from 2010 to 2011. This tie-up showed how the foundation was continually undermining India’s position with relation to China and trying to present China as a powerful entity that could only benefit India.

From 2004 to 2014, the trade deficit of India was 33 times more compared to China’s, meaning – China took full advantage of the Indian markets by exporting their goods, but importing less from India, which resulted in Indian entrepreneurs receiving double blow. They could not export and compete cheap Chinese imported goods.

Browsing through the documents further, under the partner organisations and donors list of the year 2007-2008, names of big Indian industries and government establishments are mentioned.

Few Indian companies listed are: Bharat Forge Limited, Gail India, State Bank of India, Maharshtra Bank, Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited, Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Tata Steel, Asian Paints and others.

Further, it is interesting to know that during this period, Congress party and the Communist Party of China signed a MoU in 2008 in Beijing for exchange of high-level information and co-operation between them.

The Memorandum of Understanding also gave the two parties the opportunity to consult each other on important bilateral, regional and international developments.

It is now clear, why the Congress party gives a kid-glove treatment to China, but one must probe into the reasons for Indian firms to donate money to the foundation.

There could be yet another big story to be told.

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  1. Avatar Rajeev Nandal says:

    Corrupt people are everywhere. To break a country and use them according to our needs is identified by foreign investors. India is full of such Mir Jaffer. See what happen in history. Mir Jaffer betrayed and his family was wealthy for more than 200 years. Congress has betrayed Indian people for long. They keep India uneducated and people who are educated do share the same mindset as of congress regime. This is only the small portion of treason unearth by you. The consequences are beyond our understanding. The MOU signed by Congress and CCP needs to be explored fully now. I hope government wakes up.

  2. Avatar S S Shreekumar says:

    sir, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Aug 8, 2008. India’s PM Manmohan Singh not invited. Sonia invited. But Sonia not allowed to sit with Heads of Govt. She was seated in an adjacent gallery. The Congress-China CP MOU was signed on aug 7, 2008. Olympics was only an excise to go to Beijing. That is why Manmohan Singh was not there. Rahul was there. This the gem they played. How did IOC not question the organisers for not inviting India’s PM?

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