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India Speaks Daily Digs Deep Into China’s Post-Virus Strategy

The soldout mainstream media all over the world has buried, probably the most outrageous remarks made by Chinese President Xi Jinping in the context of fighting the “Chinese Virus” at the Extraordinary G20 Summit yesterday.

Xi had called on all G20 members to restore confidence for global economic recovery by cutting tariffs, removing barriers, and facilitating the unfettered flow of trade.

Why did Xi made this call? What is its gameplan?

Plan No. 1 – Create the virus.

Plan No. 2 – Spread the virus throughout the world without bringing to the notice of the world about the dangers it spells on humanity.

Plan No. 3 – Initiate a propaganda, with the help of lefty media and Proto-Communist WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to blame US for inflicting the virus upon Chinese people.

Plan No. 4 – As the virus spreads across the globe, launch post-virus strategy to leverage the pandemic to seize global market share in key industries, increase global dependence on Chinese manufacturing and reverse efforts in United States and elsewhere to decouple from the People’s Republic of China.

Sounds unbelievable?

World has been fed with China’s reported clandestine bio-warfare project of creating Chinese virus in its Wuhan Institute of Virology and spreading it throughout the world by sending more than 70 lakh of its people to its work-sites in different parts of the world.

Tedros, it has been alleged that, he clandestinely joined hands with Xi to conceal the spread of the virus, despite it was brought to his notice as early as in December by Taiwan in a letter written to him. The first infection was reported in November.

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Even the US President Donald Trump has been very critical of China and WHO. He blamed them for two-month delay in informing the world about the human-to-human transmission of the disease.

During the cover-up-drama, China bought many American and European companies after their stocks plummeted. It is now selling these critical goods to Italy and other countries, while portraying themselves as the saviors of the world.

Now China is setting eyes on extending its soft power and tightening its grip on global supply chains even as the global economies are shutting down.

This information straights comes from the writings of authoritative policymakers and leading players in China’s government and industrial system, as published in Horizon Advisory report titled “Viral Moment: China’s Post-COVID Planning.”

On March 12, Song Zhiping, representative to the 15th Party Congress, former party committee secretary, and chairman of the state-owned China National Building Materials Group Corporation declared: “China will turn crisis into opportunity. It will transform and upgrade and strengthen its position in the international industry chain.”

He further wrote: “Chinese enterprises must not just resume production. They must also boost economic development and exposure to the world in order to speed up the adjustment of the industrial structure, to enhance competitiveness in the international industrial chain, and to build an advance strategic positioning.”

The CCP Central Committee identified industries to “seize in the adjustment of the international industrial chain while fighting the epidemic and resuming production.” These include 5G construction, urban high-speed rails, urban rail transit, new energy vehicles, big data in infrastructure, artificial intelligence, automobiles, electronics, ships, aviation, power equipment, and machine tools.

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Han Jian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ China Industrial Economics Association put it more succinctly on March 4: “It is possible to turn the crisis into an opportunity—to increase the trust and the dependence of all countries around the world of Made in China.”

An expert from Beijing Administrative Review Committee said: “With the globalization of the epidemic and the general frustration of the global economy, Western countries’ reliance on China’s economy and markets will deepen, and the United States’ use of the epidemic to accelerate its ‘decoupling’ from China is likely to be counterproductive …

“China’s policy drive for anti-epidemic conversion has fostered strong manufacturing, including of masks, medical devices, and technology systems. All can become new growth points for China’s foreign aid and exports, thus providing strong support for the international radiation of China’s soft and hard power … The US economy meanwhile will decline,” it said.

The State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense said: “Accurately support industries affected by the global spread of the new epidemic, proliferate information technology and other industries overseas to help fight the epidemic, and pave the way for international market expansion after the epidemic is over.”

So, one must have got a glimpse of the Chinese post-virus strategy of gaining ground after the setback it experienced from Chinese virus. It wants to deploy all its resources – industrial, economic and information, to achieve its goal.

And, it wants to expedite it by way of demanding cut in tariffs, lifting trade barriers and facilitating the unfettered flow of trade.

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Xi pitched for all these during G20 summit, the line the lefty media picked up to further their comrade-in-chief’s objective.

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