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It’s Nothing But An “AAP-Sponsored” Hindu Massacre!

People of Delhi hold Congress responsible for 1984 Sikh massacre, they shall hold Aam Aadmi Party for 2020 Hindu massacre in Delhi in future.

As more and more prima facie evidences of AAP’s involvement in the Hindu massacre are making rounds in social media, people have begun to heckle and drive out AAP leaders, including Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia.

In one such incident, a video which has gone viral, Kejriwal is seen booed by the residents of Burari, from where his party had registered a huge victory.

In yet another video, he and Manish Sisodia are seen being heckled and driven out by the people when they had reached the site to pay their respects to the martyred head constable Ratan Lal, who was shot dead.

But, this soldout media are silent on these hootings against Kejriwal because as much as Rs 550 crore has been crammed in their mouths. Because of this, Ravish Kumar identifies Mohammad Shahrukh as Anurag Mishra. The Indian Express, in its report, crops the round topis of the Muslims in order to show the rioters as Hindus. Aaj Tak denies involvement of AAP leader Tahir Hussain in the murder of IB official Ankit Sharma.

NDTV, News18, The Indian Express and all Lutyens gang have jumped into the fray to save Tahir Hussain.

A video of Tahir Hussain has gone viral after Republic TV had exposed AAP corporator’s involvement in rioting. He has been also accused of murdering IB Official Ankit Sharma, whose throat was slit in ISIS type of brutality.

Ankit Sharma’s family is blaming Tahir Hussain for the murder.

Ankur Sharma, the deceased’s brother, told Republic TV that there were at least 400 goons in Tahir Hussain’s house and were pelting stones, acid and petrol bombs, from the rooftop on people.

He also said his brother came back at 4.30-6 pm in the evening, but did not return. When Ankit did not return at night, he realised that he was one of four boys who was dragged away by Tahir Hussain’s goons.

Ankit was taken to Tahir’s house and was found murdered in a drain and killed him before throwing his body into the drain.

Several eyewitnesses also gave similar accounts.

One of the residents of Moonga Nagar, who was an eyewitness to the murder of Ankit, stated that the IB sleuth was dragged inside the Hussain’s building by a mob from the gate of the house.

However, Tahir Hussain in a press conference said he is not involved in rioting in Delhi violence and denied his role in IB officer Ankit Sharma’s murder.

In fact, he said he was carrying a stick to protect his family and used it to chase out 100-odd rioters. Can anybody believe a single man chasing such a big mob? Wouldn’t he first evacuate his family from the house and then fight the mob if he had dared to?


If this is to be believed, what were the crates of stones, petrol bombs, weapons, sticks and other things were found in his house, which looked like a riots’ factory. And, what a huge number of masked men doing in his house?

Yet another name is propping up for inciting riots is, Amanatullah Khan. In a video which has gone viral, he is heard saying, “Sab ko marva do jo vote nahin diya tumhe …”

Amidst all this, people can only hope that the central government cracks the whip against these Jihadi elements, fake news peddlers and instigators like Swara Bhaskar, Waris Pathan, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and “nikkamma patrakar” Ravish Pandey.

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