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Kamala Harris, Soros, Cong Spice Mix, Too Hot For India!

There is an interesting story which is revolving around us. We are part of it, but are unaware of the roles we are playing.

The story has a hero, a villain, a lord of terrorists and a lot of anti-nationals.

This is how the story unfolds. The villain is working in cahoots with an anti-Indian and anti-Hindu for many years. He was the biggest donor to Democrat’s Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ 2015 senate campaign.

He is also one of the leading Hillary Clinton donors. After facing defeat at the hands of Donald Trump, the villain has been preparing candidates to stand against him in 2020.

Since 2012, he has helped Kamala in the capacity of California Attorney General to change California criminal policy with a four-year $16 million campaign in 2012.

The villain is George Soros. He runs Open Society Foundations Human Rights Initiative with the assistance of Harsh Mander, who is accused in the Shaheen Bagh case for instigation and other crimes.

He is the same anti-national who received donations for his NGOs from the Gandhi family, who is a sworn pro-Christian and anti-Hindu leader. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is tied up with Aman Biradari Trust belonging to Mander.

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The RGF also has tied up with Human Rights Law Network, which actively fought against Indian sedition laws and Rohingya cases, supported by urban naxals. This NGO was heavily funded by Soros’ society.

This is the same Soros whose Open Society Foundation has tie ups with Sherpa, a NGO, which had filed a bogus case in Supreme Court against the purchase of Rafale aircraft.

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Sherpa also are partners with organizations like Greenpeace, Misereor, Oxfam, ActionAid among a host of others.

Misereor is a Christian organization which is a principal donor of Equations, which had published a report demonising Amarnath Yatra in collaboration with a Kashmiri separatist organization.

Misereor also funds various Christian missionary organizations in India.

Oxfam also is anti-Hindu organisation. One of his board members Gagan Sethi had drafted anti-Hindu Communal Violence Bill as a member of the National Advisory Council headed by Sonia.

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Therefore, we have an NGO with a dubious reputation partnering with organizations known for meddling in internal affairs of countries.

Adding spice to the story, former PM Manmohan Singh’s daughter Amrit Kaur works at Soros’ Open Society Justice Initiative, who pilots projects on national security and counterterrorism.

To counter this, the Narendra Modi government brought some of these NGOs under its watchlist. This enraged the villain and he wanted to take revenge from the hero. On August 5 last year, Modi abrogated Article 370 and 35A, withdrawing the special status accorded to Kashmir.

On 22nd September 2019, Modi-Trump jodi got a humongous response at the Howdy Modi event at Houston. The very next day, Soros received Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in New York and discussed Kashmir.

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On January 24, Soros announced one billion dollars at Davos to fight nationalism and nationalists. He also spewed venom on the Citizenship Amendment Act and met Imran Khan again.

The very next day the anti-national Sharjeel Imam’s video went viral where he said if 4 to 5 lakh Muslims come together, they can cut north-east from India.

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On January 27, ED found financial links between PFI and anti-CAA protests in Uttar Pradesh. ED presented a document where PFI transferred Rs 77 lakh to Congress leader Kapil Sibal and Rs 4 lakh to Indira Jaising, which proved their tie up.

Indira Jaising is on the dock for donations from Soros’ network of NGOs and their NGO lawyers.

This also proves the link between PFI and Soros, and also responsible for brutal killings of Hindus in Delhi riots. Sibal, who received Rs 77 lakh, is a lawyer for Teesta Setalvad.

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Even Indira Jaising came to the rescue of Teetsta in a Supreme Court hearing. Teesta was the co-petitioner in 2002 Gujarat riots case against Modi. Most of us know he was innocent and she wanted to frame him and send him behind bars.

Modi is a common enemy for her and Soros. Interestingly, Javed Akhtar is a part of Teesta’s organisation. That is the reason for his dumb son Farhan Akhtar’s participation in anti-CAA protest. These protests led to Delhi riots where many Hindus were massacred, including IB official Ankit Sharma.

Now, you get the link of the actors in the story?

The funder of Democratic election campaign in the US is also the funder of the Congress-led cabal in India, with an aim to defeat the nationalist governments in both the countries.

One can only imagine a scenario where a pro-Pakistan US President Joe Biden, Hindu-hating Vice President Kamala, who are backed and funded by Soros, who is in cahoots with anti-Hindu Sonia-led Congress, which signs secret deals with China and surreptitiously meets Pakistan generals and politicians, prepare to launch a tirade in unison.

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That will not be easy, facing internal and external attacks.

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