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Khan Market Gang’s Silence Over Persecution Of Hindus In Their Neighborhood Is Shameful

Incidents of violence against Hindus are on the rise in Haryana’s Muslim-dominated Mewat, but neither the BJP government nor the left-liberal cabal are concerned.

There are neither any reports published, nor debates held on national news channels.

A three-member high-level inquiry committee, led by Retired Major General G D Bakshi, set up by VHP has come out with its explosive findings.

The report claimed that the Hindu families in Punhana, Bichhor and Nagina areas of Mewat region, are being brutally tortured by Muslims and their priests mentally and physically tortured.

They are also not being allowed to enter temples, it added.

The report also claimed that the Muslims in the region are constructing mosques illegally and no FIRs are filed against Hindu atrocities.

Even if it is done, only a token action is taken. There is lot of pressure built on Hindu victims to enter into a compromise and settle the case.

Many Hindus are also fleeing villages because of the inaction of the local administration and police, which are dominated by Muslim staff, who overlook the crimes of their community people, the report stated.

In one such instance, a Muslim youth not only assaulted Utsavmurtis and participants of a wedding ceremony of a Valmiki family in Chirauli Punhana, but also escaped with their gold ornaments, the report said.

Not only this, in government schools where the majority staff are Muslims, Hindu children are forced to offer namaz, it adds.

Similarly an objectionable content was posted on Facebook by a Muslim, but no action was taken even after an FIR was lodged. On the contrary, a false case was filed against the Hindu victim.

Dalit family counters exaggerated tale of 'forced conversion in Mewat'

It also claimed of Hindu women and youth facing difficulties to venture out of their homes for agricultural activities and other works to earn their living.

The report mentioned about instances of illegal cattle smuggling and their gun-fight with the police. On April 28, a labourer named Raghuveer was shot dead by cattle smugglers in Punhana. The case has been buried by the police. Raghuveer’s family is on the verge of starvation as they have not been compensated.

Moreover, the local administration does not take any action against commercial establishments run by Muslims for violations, but issue illegal challans to Hindu businessmen, though they observe Covid lockdown norms, the report says.

The report talks of many mosques being illegally built. One such mosque is coming up at Nuh’s judicial complex. The modus operandi of the Muslim community is very unique. They first mark a place and construct small Mazars and gradually turn it into a big mosque, it claims.

There are two more similar cases – one in Shikarpur village and another in Dhulavat village, it adds.

The report also talks about the involvement of notorious global terrorist Hafiz Saeed in the building of a large mosque in Utavad village. Saeed has transferred the funds to one Salman, who is now under NIA custody in another case.

Taking all these facts into consideration, the inquiry committee has recommended Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar to replace the entire police apparatus in the affected areas by new sets of upright and hard-working police personnel, who do not succumb to pressures.

It also recommended punishing and making the SHO responsible, if he or she fails to prevent atrocities against Hindus in the region.

The panel demanded NIA probe into anti-national activities carried out in Madrasas, mosques and mazars, to prevent channeling of hawala money to build mosques and amass illegal weapons.

It also recommended deployment of paramilitary forces in Muslim-dominated areas because of trust deficit in the police.

The panel pressed for investigations into personal, social and religious properties of Hindus being illegally occupied by Jihadis and freed forthwith from their clutches.

Unfortunately, the left-liberal cabal and the Khan Market gang are mum over such inhuman atrocities on Hindus by Muslims. And, why are they silent? Because, these incidents do not fall into their anti-Hindu narrative.

Their silence is, however, shameful

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