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Mallya’s Extradition: Torrid Days Ahead For Lutyens Brigade

For the second consecutive day, a very bad news has trickled down from UK.

It has left the opposition leaders high and dry, because Vijay Mallya will be brought back to India and kept in a jail and later interrogated.

What happened in England, is very important for us to know, but before we could go into it, Mallya’s extradition has blown the senses of some opposition leaders and Lutyens patrakaars. They are wary of Mallya revealing some names to the investigating officers.

So, what really happened in England? It is this – Mallya had escaped to London and had taken refuge there. In order to protect himself from extradition, Mallya moved the apex court of the UK, arguing that he would not get justice in India, because the matter was politically motivated. And also argued that he had not committed anything wrong and always wanted to give back the money to the Indian banks.

Just a couple of days back, Mallya had tweeted, praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s steps for controlling Covid in India and urged his government to take away all his property and end the money laundering case against him.

But will that happen? Is it that easy?

However, one thing Mallya has said rightly, and that is, the case is politically motivated. Of course, it is politically motivated because those who enjoyed his jaunts and favors, had given political color to it. And, therefore they have to bear the brunt. There is no other way left for them.

Mallya had the last chance to escape extradition, but it failed, after the UK court rejected his plea, thus paving the way for the Indian authorities to take him back home in next 28 days.

This news has given sleepless nights to some leaders and Lutyens patrakaars, who are involved in the money laundering case against him. They are very well aware of Mallya’s intentions to reveal some of the names involved in his fraud to the investigating authorities, because is a kind of a colorful person who would not want to spend time in the jail.

However, we would like to reveal a few names involved in Mallya’s fraud. P Chidambaram is the biggest fish, who could be named by Mallya, because there are many documents and papers with the investigating authorities, which prove a very strong relationship between them.

Mallya’s disclosures also might bring a very bad name on to Manmohan Singh, because he was then the Prime Minister, who openly had talked about helping Mallya’s airline company, despite knowing that Kingfisher airliner had accumulated thousands of crores of NPAs.

We would like to bring it your notice the story of Advantage Strategic Consultancy Private Ltd, which is run by Karti Chidambaram. Mallya had given the company 15,000 dollars, calling it as a service charge. Later it was revealed that the money was taken from Mallya to fix a meeting with Chidamabaram and PM Manmohan Singh.

This is the Congress culture.

Yet another case of Mallya’s fraud involves NDTV. Mallya had committed Rs 100 crore as advertisement commitment to NDTV’s lifestyle channel, NDTV Good Times. Therefore, we can see the nexus of politicians, Lutyens patrakaars and businessmen, who committed loot.

Apart from this, there are many dark secrets of Mallya and there is not a single Lutyens gang member, who has not enjoyed Mallya’s favors. Everybody has.

And those who were attacking Modi government for creating a space for Mallya to escape to UK, are now left high and dry. When the names start to trickle down from Mallya’s mouth, there would be lot of spice added to the stories, which people would thoroughly enjoy.

So friends, we would be keeping a watch on this issue and keeping you updated on the revelations Mallya makes.

Jai Hind

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