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Matiala byelections: THE EMERGENCE OF DWARKITE !

The Matiala byelections has witnessed “The Emergence of Dwarkite”.First time any mainstream political party has considered a Dwarka resident as candidate.Yes I am referring to Congress candidate Sudha Sinha, a Dwarka resident.
This move may upset calculations of others in Dwarka.But we are least bothered abt it bcoz the most imp issue is whether BJP n AAP consider any Dwarkite as candidate in 2017?

Many people are questioning why congress considered Sudha Sinha as candidate?Some are raising voices agst Mukesh Sinha as opportunist bcoz earlier he was in BJP n for contesting elections he switched over to Congress.
Frnds I do not enjoy gd relation with Mukesh Sinha.But I support his endevor to achieve his goal.He never quits.He has his own style of working.We may like or dislike him but you cannot ignore him.Daily he has new ideas to be in limelight.

I differ with him ideologically.But the way Sudha n Mukesh has worked is simply marvellous.We were good frnds n now we cant stand together.I observed their fight for water,self draw of CGHS,organising Ramleela,painting competition etc. n found they believe in “Ekla Chalo Re” to achieve their goal.Thats why I admire them despite differences.

It is true among all 3 candidates Sudha Sinha was most active in Dwarka.But we cannot ignore the role of other political parties n specially Rajesh Gahlot.

Log kehte hai Sudha aur Mukesh ne paani pe nautanki ki aur paani to hum leke aaye.To perform nautanki you hv to stand on stage that means their political opponents accept their efforts.Chahe wo nautanki hi sahi.
It is true water in Dwarka was due to efforts of our beloved PM MODI.But we cannot ignore little bit contribution of every Dwarkite.

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In 2012 MCD elections I launched ” No water No Vote” campaign to highlight waterwoes in Dwarka.Certainly Rajesh Gahlot was benefitted by the campaign. The campaign highlighted the then inefficient Congress Mla n MP to solve water problem. AAP raised the water issue during 49 days of Kejriwal rule.

Now during elections if Sudha Sinha is seeking vote by highlighting her fight to solve water problem in Dwarka then whats wrong about it.

I criticised Mukesh n Sudha always as doing Nautanki for political gains.But the same Nautanki is done by others n even me.

Loktantra ki is nautanki mein koi Kamal utha ke nautanki karta hai,koi Panja dikha ke aur koi Jhadu utha ke.Janta bhi is nautanki mein bhagidaar hai Taali baja ke.Jo jitna bada kalakaar/nautanki baaz hai wo utna bada neta hai.Janta jise jeetaye samjho wo badhiya kalakaar hai.

Isilye sirf Mukesh aur Sudha ko nautankibaaz kehke criticize karna galat hoga,sab nautanki hi to karte hai.Isiliye baar baar neta apne dwara kiye gaye kaam/role ko yaad dilate hai.Kyoki purane neta/kalakaar ko ab baye neta/kalakaar chunauti de rahe hai.

Loktantra ki is nautanki mein darshak/voter jise bhi vote de par ye to sabit ho chuka hai ki Mukesh Sinha aur Sudha Sinha ne political parties ko Dwarkite ki rajnitik bhumika samjha di hai.

They have forced political parties to consider Dwarkites.

At last I request every Dwarkite to participate in 100% voting campaign to strengthen the “Emergence Of Dwarkite”.

Ye mere apne vichar hai ek koi BJP samarthak ke nahi aur ye experience par adhaarit hai. Aap isse sahmat ya ahsahmat ho sakte hai par kripya chunav mein avashy participate kare.

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