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Matiala byelections: Why Vote For BJP?

The byelections on 13 seats in Delhi is on 15-05-16.In Matiala the election is between defacto candidates i.e Rajesh Gahlot(BJP) vs Mahabal Mishra(cong)+Gulab Singh,MLA(AAP). The official party candidates Ashok Sharma(BJP),Sudha Sinha(cong),Ramesh Matiala(AAP)are also seeking votes on work done by their leaders.

The byelections are being held after the infamous JNU controversy.The nation felt cheated by stand of Rahul Gandhi,Arvind Kejriwal n other communist leaders.They supported the anti-nationals.The opposition tried to create a fake students movement across India to settle score with Modi govt.

The arrest of JNUSU President Kanhaiya kumar,Umar Khalid n Anirban was applauded by all nationalists n showed commitment of Modi govt to safeguard integrity of nation.

The nation is fedup with petty divisive politics of congress leader Sonia Gandhi n Rahul Gandhi.They supported
the divisive voices raised agst India at JNU.

The nation understands the difference between Cong(I) n Cong(s)i.e Cong,Sonia.
After the victory of 1971 war Sh Atal Bihari Vajpayee called Smt Indira Gandhi as “Devi Durga”.The leaders of Congress party were held responsible for Adarsh scam.The congress leaders shamelessly gobbled the flats meant for family of kargil war heroes.

Earlier the leaders were ashamed of corruption but now they defend themeslves shamelessly in parliament n on street.

The nation has witnessed this during the parliamentary debate on Agusta Westland,2G,coal etc.
The paid media n politician nexus is threat to India.

Thanks to sensible voter of India for voting in favor of BJP in 2014 Loksabha elections.
Not a single charge of corruption is levelled agst Modi govt till date.

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The opposition is baffaled by bold steps taken by Modi govt to revive Indian economy.
The effect of good governance of Modi govt is being felt in Matiala byelections.

The residents are expressing their support for development work done by Ex-MLA Rajesh Gahlot.The people are missing him as their public representative.The humble n easily accessible Rajesh Gahlot is seeking vote for Ashok Sharma n is reminding people of development work done by him.He is promising that Ashok Sharma will also work with same zeal n commitment.

The cong Ex-MPMahabal Mishra is unable to recount any of his work so he is seeking vote for Sudha Sinha on old cong tactics of divide n rule.In Dwarka Mahabal Mishra presents Sudha Sinha as Dwarkite n in adjoining colonies presents her as Purvanchali.

Gulab Singh Yadav,MLA is campaigning for Ramesh Matiala.He is seeking vote by projecting the achievements of Delhi govt.The CM Delhi claims “Bijli Half-Paani Maaf”.
But the big question is will the voter buy his claims?

During 2014 elections PM Modi said”main aapko subsidy nahi Rozgaar ka vayda karta hu,itna swavlambi bana dunga ki aap koi bhi cheez kharid lenge”.

The result of byelection will not impact share mkt or national security but certainly it will reflect the mood of voters.

The election is between nationalists n supporters of divisive voices of JNU. At last I request voters of Dwarka for 100% voting.

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