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NEP2020: Thoughtful Action and Remarkable Landmark Decision

Dr. Moirangthem Momocha Singh. National Education Policy 2020 is a thoughtful action and remarkable landmark decision and monumental work done by all the stake holder specially NEP2020 committee and the remarkable contribution from Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal for landmark shaping of education system from school education to higher education system unlike NPE-National Policy on Education(1986/1992).

To bring few landmark decisions to realise the dream of every people of Bharatiya, NEP2020 has broad four categorical areas firstly School Education, secondly Higher education thirdly key areas for focus and lastly how to make it happen for above areas on the basis of access, equity, quality, affordability and accountability of NEP2020 principles and policy for building a global best education system which is vision for NEP2020.

School Education: The following changes were taken up and consider for remarkable change for Bharatiya education system. The landmark decision on changing the school system of 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 new education systems is dream come true for every people of Bharatiya. The following stages are the significant highlights of school education system.

School Education System: Foundation stage which comprises of 3 years of primary schools & class 1 and 2 from 3 to 8 years for promoting early childhood care and education leading to healthy brain development and growth.
Preparatory stage-class 3 to 5 from 8-11 years.
Middle stage: 6-8 class from 11-14 years.

Secondary stage: 9-12 class for 14years to 18 years and empowering the CBCS-credit based Choice system where students from Middle stage mean from 6 classes for their choice in the subjects and avoiding systems of Arts, science and commerce which disturb the mindsets of every talented students which discriminate the skills of the students.

Early childhood care and education(ECCE): Presently ECCE is not available for children belongling to economically disadvantage families. But NEP2020 will enable all children to participate and flourish in the new education system by introducing 5+3+3+4

Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: Surprisingly 5 crores students have not attained foundation literacy and numeracy and special thanks to NEP2020 for bringing 10 crores or more students to literacy to education system through new education system 5+3+3+4 with free education upto 12 class.

Curtailing dropout rates and ensuring universal access to all school: Landmark development and monumental change like ODL(Open and Distance Learning) of preparatory stage and secondary stage offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) along with establishing state institute of open schooling(SIOS).

Holistic development of learners: Based on learning how to learn and new holistic way of learning by critical thinking, design thinking, discovery-based, discussion-based, analysis-based and design thinking will enabling to fulfil the new mission of global best education system.

Multilingualism and the power of language: Multilignualism has great cognitive benefits to young children but allowing every students upto class 5 to learn and teacher to teach in home language/mother tongue is great advantage for quick learning.

The three-language formula promoting multilingualism and offering foreign language in the secondary level for increasing their global knowledge. Indian Sign Language (ISL) to be standardised across the country is a Curricular integration of essential subjects and skills: Every students will have fun year long course comprising of many skill oriented subjects/activity based oriented subjects/skill oriented subjects during class 6 to 8. This will enable to them to exercise out their hidden talents/skills.

Transforming assessment for students development: The introduction of State Achievement Survey(SAS) and National Achievement Survey(NAS) will make big transformation change in the school education.

Continuous Professional Development(CPD): 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year for every teacher for professional development is the landmark decision for teachers overall growth and development.

Standard Setting and Accreditations for school education: State School Standard Authority will set up as an independent and state wide body to look after the certain minimal profession and quality standard required for best education system.

These are some of thoughtful action and remarkable change done in the school education system thereby making the higher education foundation strong for the entire people dream to come true and realise the idea of true meaning of education through school education system. This are my personal views on the NEP2020.

Dr. Moirangthem Momocha Singh
Assistant Professor of Management and Humanities
NIT Arunachal Pradesh & BSM Arunachal Prant

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