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Panun Kashmir Resolution on J&K!


Having welcomed the neutralization of Article 370, the abrogation of Article 35-A and reorganization of the State of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories as epochal events, which liberated  the people of Jammu and Kashmir from the servitude of a Muslim State on the territory of secular India;

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And having described the neutralization of Article 370 and abrogation of Article 35-A, as decisive decolonizing and anti- imperialist steps;

We note with anguish

  1. That the policies of the Government of India have not subsequently moved in the logical direction of dismantling the internal support structures of the Muslim State in Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. That halfway separatism continues to be the strategic model of governance.
  3. That the peace constituencies in Jammu and Kashmir continue to be discriminated and marginalized.
  4. Separatist constituencies continue to get premium and preference.

We all know it very well that the gains of the victory over Pakistan in 1971 were squandered by handing over the governance of Jammu and Kashmir to National Conference wedded to Muslim sub-nationalism. And now we fear that the logical gains of the neutralization of Article 370 and reorganization of erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir are being squandered in a similar way.

From enacting the Domicile law to ensuring delimitation of Legislative Constituencies on the basis of the fudged 2011 Census;  and from creating employment/ recruitment processes with overwhelming Muslim preferences  to having Kashmir centric tourism drives and developmental initiatives; the Government of India, it seems, has continued  the practice of handling Jammu and Kashmir as a de facto Muslim State.

And having keenly observed the handling of situation in Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian State, we feel constrained to state that the problem is more in the perspectives of ruling leadership in New Delhi than in Jammu and Kashmir. Hence:

  1. We call upon the Government of India to move decisively to dismantle all policies and administrative approaches that continue to render Jammu and Kashmir into a de facto Muslim sphere of influence.
  2. We resolve that we will unflinchingly fight all policies and measures that are communal and contribute towards nourishing a de facto Muslim State and polity.


Having experienced the genocidal attrition in Kashmir and witnessed the build up to the Genocide and religious cleansing of Hindus of Kashmir;

Having borne the frontal assault of Jihadi war in Kashmir unleashed primarily against the Hindus of India; and having faced humiliation at the hands of the State of India, which all through denied the Genocide of the Hindus of Kashmir;

We shall like to state very unambiguously:

  1. That the recent cycle of selective killings of Hindus in Kashmir, resulting in one more whole hog internal displacement of Hindus from Kashmir, is not just an aberration in the otherwise tall claims of a normalizing situation in Kashmir.
  • That it is a clear cut proclamation that the Jihadi war in Kashmir is alive and kicking;  and the Genocide of Hindus is far from being over.
  • That the so called PM’s Employment Package  for the displaced Hindus in Kashmir is actually a ruthless processes of hostaging the Hindus to an Islamized order in Kashmir; with the cunning to hide the Jihadi nature of separatism in Kashmir in active support by the Society in Kashmir.

We know it through bitter experience that terror killings of Hindus of Kashmir are part of the religious war against Hindus emanating not from any foreign soil but from within the larger society in Kashmir.

We have no hesitation in stating that Hindu employees are victims of Genocide and Denial of Genocide.

  1. WE all resolve to provide all support to the employees of the PM’s Employment Package and consider the struggle they are waging as part of the larger struggle of Hindus of Kashmir against Genocide.
  • With one resolve this august body urges Government of India to relocate all the Hindu employees to Jammu.


In 2019, the Hindus of Kashmir welcomed the re-organization of Jammu and Kashmir, though not as the final act of redemption but as a beginning of the new era of freedom in Jammu and Kashmir. We always believed that Article 370 was a subversive enactment in order to create a Muslim State in a country that swore by secularism. Therefore, this neutering of Article 370 represented the beginning of a process of saving the real secularism and declaring a war on subversion.

While neutralization of Article 370 and abrogation of Article 35-A represented the basic correction of the Constitutional relationship of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral and inalienable part of nation of India, the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories was only a half measure to cure the malaise in Jammu and Kashmir.

Hindus of Kashmir have been demanding creation of a separate Union Territory as the cardinal requirement for reversing the genocide inflicted upon them. People of Jammu have also been demanding a separate State of Jammu to address the long protracted communally motivated and institutionalized discrimination of the people of Jammu.

We all, therefore

  1. Out rightly reject the contention that the UT of Jammu and Kashmir would be reverted back to the status of a State. Reverting Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir into a state will be an act of self subversion.
  • Demand the creation of Union Territory of Panun Kashmir, East and North of River Vitasta (Jhelum) in Kashmir for the return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir who have been victims of Genocide as an imperative necessity.
  • Support the creation of a separate state of Jammu.
  • Resolve to continue our struggle for creation of Panun Kashmir as enunciated in Margdarshan Resolution of 1991.
  • Affirm that this new reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir will take Kashmir resolution to a  logical conclusion.  Doing so is an imperative necessity if Jihadi separatism has to be defeated.


It is time the nation realizes that the Hindus of Kashmir are face to face with two Genocidal processes. One is the ‘Genocide’ per se unleashed by the genocidal enterprise in Kashmir valley, abetted overtly and covertly by various organs of the society of Kashmir and nourished by both the State of Pakistan and the Pan-Islamic movement.  The other is the process of ‘Denial of Genocide’ indulged in by the successive governments of the day in India. The genocide experts describe ‘Denial of Genocide’ as the climax of Genocide.

The Hindus of Kashmir have paid immense price while being face to face with both the ruthless processes.  Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir is not any new phenomenon.  It is  part of a thousand year long genocidal war unleashed against Hindus of India.

Denial of Genocide of Hindus in 1990 and its ongoing cycles since then have lead to the spillover of this war to other places. In fact Denial of Genocide of Hindus has lead to spillover of Jihadi war into different parts of India creating a specter of impending bloody destabilization.


  1. It is important to remember that the Indian State has been among the pioneering States which contributed to the framing of the United Nations Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, in 1948. The Parliament of India in 1959 ratified this Convention unanimously.
  2. It became an incumbent obligation for the Indian State to enact laws for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide in India. Unfortunately, political class of India and its legislators have failed to fulfill this responsibility.

Panun Kashmir, immediately after the neutralization of Article 370 drafted a bill for the prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and presented it to the Government of India. The Bill is named as Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill -2020.


  1. That the Government of India should enact an enabling laws so that the crime of genocide is punished and prevented; and the victims/ survivors of Genocide are rehabilitated with reparations and without dangers of any refoulement.
  2. The Government of India should create a Tribunal on the pattern of Nuremberg Trials to enquire into all dimensions of Genocide committed on the Hindus of Kashmirs so that the perpetrators are brought to justice.


Being aware of the happenings of brutal killings of Hindus in various parts of India, and also fully conscious of the dangers of restriction as well as destruction of freedom of expression on some religious or theological pretext;

And having observed an ideological continuity between the systematic Hindu killings in Kashmir and in other parts of India;

We cannot fail to register a pan-Islamic ferment behind these killings.  From Pakistan to India, a Pan-Islamic wave is sweeping into the segments of vulnerable population in India.

This wave has to be stopped. It cannot be stopped by distorting the reality. It cannot be stopped by appeasement.


  1. There is an imperative necessity for everybody to recognize that terrorist violence seen in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in India is part of the Jihadi war-form, and those who are inflicting the scourge of terrorism recognize their acts as part of the Jihadi war.
  • There is an imperative to recognize and understand the uniqueness of this war-form.   Otherwise we are face to face with a specter of defeat and monumental collapse.
  • In this Jihadi War-Form terrorism is just an arm. Relentless indoctrination, propaganda and subversion at multiple levels are the other but bigger arms.

On this solemn occasion, we, the Hindus of Kashmir, urge upon the Government of India to recognize this Jihadi war-form and gear up to fight it in totality.

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