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PETA India, An Epitome Of Double Standards

A few weeks back, PETA India had put up a poster in Lucknow appealing banning goat slaughter. They removed it after the Muslim clerics protested.

And, that’s all fine with “The Scumbags.” No chest beatings and not a single voice raised. There is deafening silence.

Shefali Vaidya questions the animal rights group for its double standards on sacrifice of goats on Bakrid Eid and Hindu festivals. All hell break loose and they raise a ruckus on social media.

Congress and Radical Islamists (Scumbags) join hands with PETA to attack and hurl personal slurs at the right-wing columnist. They call her a snake for voicing her concern for the inhumane goat sacrifice ahead of Bakri Eid.

They shared an edited video on Shefali to insult her.

PETA India joins the troll and insults Shefali further. They tweet how they help snakes. This act shows the animal rights group stooping to a new low. Undoubtedly, we all know, they do not have guts to take on Islamic festival. Their activists, in fact, were manhandled by radical Islamic mobs in Bhopal while campaigning for vegetarianism ahead of Bakri Eid in 2014.

Evidently, PETA India is more concerned about the criticism it faces on social media than physical attacks on its workers by Islamist mobs.

History Against Hindu Traditions

PETA India has a long history of attacks against Hindu traditions. From Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu to temple elephant Lakshmi, there have been countless attempts to snatch centuries-old from us.

They do it with the help of missionaries and high-profile people operating in India. They file false claims against temple authorities and take their animals away and starve them. They video shoot and photo shoot them to kickstart a propaganda against Indian temples.

India, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Lakshmi, the temple elephant Stock ...

These outfits receive millions of dollars in donations and tell the world that they are “saving animals” from “cruel Hindu community.”

Thus, quite clearly, PETA India does not believe in single standards, but double standards.

Calling them double-headed snakes will not be an exaggeration, at all.

Youth killed while taming bull at jallikattu in Kovai -

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  1. Avatar Virendra Dandekar says:

    Absolutely right Sir, this is where there double standards come in open. Once I used to be giving support on their petitions on such Account, but stopped supporting them. Ms Shefali Vaidya is not only learned but Respected Social Activist. The PETA shd have considered what’s their folly in this case and acted upon ; not criticizing her.

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