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“Petticoat Sarkar” Almost Gave Away Siachen Glacier To Pakistan In 2006

In an all-out attack on Rahul Gandhi and Congress’ criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Chinese occupation of Indian territory, BJP labeled Vadra-Gandhi Congress as property dealers for conceding Indian land to Pakistan and China.

“This particular royal dynasty clan (The Gandhis and the Vadras) had been behaving like a property dealer since Independence. They gave away Indian territory to Pakistan and China,” BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra said.

In what context Patra made this remark?

Let us refurbish our memory.

Patra is referring to a book – How India Sees The World – written by former Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran. In the book, he mentioned how, in 2006, Congress nearly agreed to give away Siachen Glacier.

Saran claimed that the Congress and Pakistan governments had consented to their current positions of the forces, the positions to which they would withdraw, a schedule for redeployment and a joint monitoring mechanism to prevent mutual intrusions.

The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was keen on the proposal and instructed the Foreign Secretary to obtain a consensus from senior bureaucrats in defence, home and finance, ministries. The then Army Chief JJ Singh and chiefs of intelligence agencies, were also consulted.

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MK Narayanan

The proposal was worked out by the Director-General Of Military Operations and was put in a note to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) for approval. After getting the approval, it was planned to place it during India–Pakistan defence secretary-level talks scheduled for May 2006.

However, the CCS rejected the proposal after Narayanan launched a bitter offensive. During the meeting, Narayanan said any such steps taken would invite wrath from opposition parties and people of the country.

He also said that the Pakistanis cannot be trusted as it had been backstabbing India, and any such initiative, would compromise India’s military advantage in the northern sector bordering Pakistan and China. At this point of time, General Singh, who had earlier given his nod to the proposal, rubbished it.

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In the meeting, Home Minister Shivraj Patil and Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee played safe and proposed the deferment of its consideration until further study. Manmohan Singh, who was keen on it, kept silence.

These revelations by Saran clearly shows how Vadra-Gandhi Congress was eady to give away the Siachen Glacier to Pakistan putting in jeopardy the entire Jammu and Kashmir state.

Giving away Siachen Glacier, which is a natural protector of India, to Pakistan would have been the biggest blunders after Pandit Nehru’s decisions to take the Jammu and Kashmir issue to the United Nation and give away some parts of Tibet to China. Britain had transfered these parts to India after it gained independence.

One can imagine the catastrophe it could have spelt on India if its army had withdrawn from Siachen Glacier. Why is the Vadra-Gandhi Congress bent on ruining India? Why is it that it still continues to betray the nation by toeing the Chinese line?

Probably, the answer lies in the secret pact signed between the Congress Party and Communist Party of China?

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