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Prime Witnesses Confessions Confirm ISD Report On Plotting Sushant’s Murder

The confessions of prime witnesses today confirmed India Speaks Daily’s August 21 report on the plotting of the “murder” of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

The portal had published the hatching of the plan of Sushant’s murder on the day Disha Salian died after she allegedly fell off from the 14th floor of a building in Mumbai.

“As per my understanding based on facts and reports, Sushant’s murder was hatched on June 8 itself, the day Disha died after she allegedly fell off from the 14th floor of a building in Mumbai,” Ex-RAW Officer NK Sood said in a video which is posted on his Youtube channel.

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This fact, which was published on August 21, was further strengthened by Republic TV today by breaking the news of major confessions made by prime witnesses Siddharth Pithani, Dipesh Sawant and Samuel Miranda.

They confessed to CBI the deleting of eight hard-disks worth of data by a mystery group around the time when Disha died and Rhea Chakraborty had left Sushant’s house.

Republic TV also claimed that Rhea had a big fight with Sushant on June 8 and left his house. The same day, a group of IT experts was sent to Sushant’s house by Rhea to wipe off data stored in eight hard disks.

The deletion of the data has raised several questions like – Why should Rhea send this group to delete it? What were the contents of the data? Why did Rhea pick a massive fight with Sushant? Did Sushant know of Rhea’s crime implicating either her or close aides?

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Answers to some of the questions raised could be found in the ISD report, which other media houses also had reported all these days.

Sood had said, before Disha allegedly fell from the building, she had revealed Sushant about the sexual assault on her by calling him on his mobile.

“As per sources, Disha, who is former manager of Sushant, was called to the “Orgy” by Sooraj Pancholi, which she was not keen to attend. She however attended, and when people started to leave the venue, some people took her to a room and allegedly raped her,” he had said.

An orgy is a sex party consisting of at least five members where guests freely engage in open and unrestrained sexual activity or group sex.

“Somehow, she found some time to call up Sushant on his mobile and informed him about the incident. Sushant then called up his friend who was also present at the party and told him that he would convene a press conference and bring the truth before the people regarding Disha’s death,” he had added.

“The friend relayed Sushant’s intentions to the killers and they hatched the plan to kill Sushant on June 8,” Sood had said.

Soon after Disha fell off from the building, she was rushed to a hospital and doctors declared her brought dead and Mumbai police registered a case of suicide. However, they turned this case into a case of accident. This was done to protect some big names, who are well connected with police and politicians. Even the police also attend such parties, he had said.

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Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP Leader Narayan Rane, on August 4, had asked for a proper investigation of Disha and Sushant deaths together.

He also had alleged that the police had conducted post-mortem a day after Disha’s death in order to protect the guilty.

Rane also had claimed that Disha’s autopsy report showed that she had injuries on her private parts.

“I don’t understand how could Mumbai police arrive at a conclusion that Disha had committed suicide when she had not left any suicide note. What is staggering is that Disha jumped off the building naked. Can any woman jump off naked and that too from a building where she does not stay. Is it possible for any woman to roam naked in a party?” Sood had asked.

Now, that the CBI has started its enquiry many heads in police will roll, Sood claimed. “I think, in Disha’s case, there was a nexus between police, underworld and politicians,” he had said.

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