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Rajdeep Sardesai, The Incorrigible “Supari Patrakar”

Rhea Charaborty’s PR machinery has become hyper-active and is in talks with friendly media companies to write some positive stories about her.

The actress is doing all this to tarnish the image of the grieving family of Sushant Singh Rajput, who is suspected to have been murdered on June 14 in Mumbai.

One such journalist, the biggest part of PR machinery, is Rajdeep Sardesai. He has become hyper-active just after the connection between Bollywood and the drug mafia was established in the Sushant case yesterday. Rajdeep’s interview with the prime accused Rhea is scheduled for 9 pm broadcast today on Aaj Tak and India Today channels.

It is not unethical to interview Rhea, even if she is the main suspect in the case. She has all the right to present her case, until she is convicted by the court.

However, it is unethical on the part of Aaj Tak and India Today to make an attempt to cover up the Bollywood-drug mafia connection and run a vilifying campaign against the grieving family of Sushant. This is sheer “Supari Journalism”, not journalism from any angle.

In a clip shared by India Today on social media, Rajdeep is posing a question to Rhea on a fictional premise of Sushant suffering from mental health.

Whereas, in reality Sushant’s family has been vehemently denying it and no medical expert so far has validated the claims made by Rhea, except an attempt was made by Barkha Dutt by interviewing a councillor, who did not have any medical qualification to make a decision and breach patient confidentiality.

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Rajdeep was very vocal against police investigation into Sushant’s mysterious death, but backed off after top IPS officers attacked him. Later, he tried to insinuate the wastefulness of the central probe in the case when the nation was battling floods and coronavirus pandemic, fully exposing his journalistic ignorance that CBI has nothing to do with natural disasters, but crimes alone.

तुम्हारे जैसे लोग ही मेरे पीछे लगे हैं..', सुशांत केस के वकील ने राजदीप को  लगाई फटकार « Daily Bihar

In the interview, Rhea talks about Sushant’s deteriorating health and anxiety attacks on their trip to Europe. She said Sushant suffered from claustrophobia and took unprescribed medicine for it.

She also said that Sushant did not leave the room in Paris for three days. In Switzerland, Sushant was normal, but things went awry while in Italy.

Rhea said a 2013 depressive episode Sushant told her and how he met a psychiatrist called Haresh Shetty. “He told me that the same doctor advised him to take the medicines he took on the flight. He told me that he was fine after that. After that, now, he was feeling more depressed and anxious. Then we cut short the trip and returned,” she said.

It is notable here that Rajdeep is the same PR journalist, who had attempted to cover up the role of Dawood Ibrahim in 1993 Mumbai blasts. He had then written a piece in Time of India, declaring Dawood innocent. It seems, doing coverups of criminals and anti-nationals is Rajdeep’s habit or compulsion.

In fact, there are loads of hidden facts in Sushant murder, which Bollywood and drug lords are nervous about coming in the open. This is India Today and Aaj Tak and the propaganda journalist have been roped in to cover up.

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