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Republic Claims To Hit Final Nail On Suicide Theory Floaters

Republic TV’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami today promised to hit the final nail tomorrow morning on the lies perpetrated by friendly media in the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

He said the channel is going to put out the final fact, recordings and tapes, to destroy the cooked up “suicide” theory floated by sold-out journalists.

“We are going to put out the final fact, recordings and tapes. I cannot say more at this stage because I know who our enemies are. We are going to put out the final proof in this matter. That will be 10 in the morning on Monday … Beyond which there will not be any questioning,” he said.

This comes a day after the friendly media aired an unofficial leak from the team of doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), claiming Sushant’s was a suicide case.

Some of them even put out snapshots of AIIMS’ Dr Sudhir Gupta’s private chats.

Goswami said after the massive disclosure in this case tomorrow, people who were floating suicide angle, will have egg on their face.

“Let me tell you this some people who are trying to hastily put lid on to this story, calling it a suicide, I am challenging them. I am daring them. They will not win after the exclusive report, we will put out at 10 am tomorrow. All these people are going to have egg on their face,” he said.

Calling the friendly media as puppets of political parties, sold-out journalists and sold-out agents of falsehood, Goswami said he would seek apology from them for abusing Sushant fans by calling their movement a con job.

“Too many vested interests and sold-out people in the media, I was told that some people, specimens who called themselves journalists, sold-out agents of falsehood, puppets of political parties, have dared to abuse all Sushant fans by saying that they have done a con job …

When tomorrow if I put out a story at 10 o’clock. I want those fools who said this to put out an apology by 10.10 am. The fans of Sushant Singh Rajput will give them 10 minutes to these sold-out agents …,” he said.

On September 28, the AIIMS team had submitted its report based on analysing the Mumbai police’s post-mortem report and autopsy along with photographic evidences.

The CBI is analysing the AIIMS report along with the evidence in the case to conclude if it is a case of suicide or not.

On August 22, Dr Gupta had officially said that it would be difficult for AIIMS to come to a conclusion because the crime scene was allowed to be contaminated by Mumbai police.

He had also questioned the reason for Mumbai Police to come to conclusion that the actor committed suicide in a hurried manner.

AIIMS also found lapses in Cooper hospital’s medical report.

The CBI late August had claimed that Sushant’s autopsy report prepared by Cooper hospital was allegedly botched and was misleading.

It also raised questions about Mumbai police not mentioning the time of Sushant’s death and not taking a second opinion on Cooper hospital’s autopsy report during the investigation.

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  1. Avatar john barber says:

    AMAZING ISD/Sri S Deo and Republic TV is working hard with facts with anti truth sayers = thank you

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