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Safoora Zargar As Guilty As Islamist Rioters Who Killed Ratan Lal

The chargesheet filed by Delhi Police in Wazirabad Road riots has brought to light a deep-rooted conspiracy against Hindus that resulted in ISIS-like murder of policeman Ratan Lal on February 24.

The Ratan Lal chargesheet mentions the names of instigators, conspirators and rioters, including the Lutyens media’s darling Safoora Zargar.

Delhi Police | SabrangIndia

Safoora, a MPhil student of Jamia Millia Islamia, was arrested on April 10 for allegedly conspiring with other persons to instigate and start riots in northeast Delhi.

At least 53 people died and 400 others were injured in the riots in February.

In the chargesheet, it is alleged that Safoora was one of the main organisers to hold a march on 23 February from Chandbagh to Rajghat. The police stopped and the organisers did not have permission for it.

Subsequently, they held secret meetings on the intervening night of 23 February and 24 February, to plan Delhi riots.

The chargesheet talks about an accused Shabad, who is well connected with Kawalpreet Kaur (AISA), Devangana Kalita (Pinjra Tod), Safoora and Yogendra Yadav among others.

Delhi riots: Read how Safoora Zargar and others are intertwined in the  murder of Ratan Lal

“A meeting on 23rd February night was held at Chand Bagh to finalize the action plan for 24/20/2020, for the same accused Shahdab along with other organizers and accused stayed at Chand Bagh. The organizers including accused Shadab instigated the protesters to be violent and in a planned manner asked them to join the protest and equip themselves for any violence,” the chargesheet says.

The charge sheet further says, “The links of the organizers of the protest site with the likes of DS Bindra (AIMIM), Kawalpreet Kaur (AISA), Devangana Kalita (Pinjratod), Safoora, Yogendra Yadav etc. itself indicates a hidden agenda behind the violence.”

“The CDRs of the mobile numbers of the accused persons reveal that most of them were in regular touch of each other. The most common aspect to be noticed is that all the arrested accused persons have deleted the data pertaining to date 23/02/2020 & 24/02/2020 from their respective mobile phones,” it adds.

The chargesheet also mentions the accused persons including Safoora asking the residents to equip themselves with iron rods, dandas, petrol bombs for executing riots. “On 24.02.2020 at around 1 pm as per plan, the riots erupted and the protestors attacked the police personnel. Numbers of police personnel were injured and HC Ratan Lal was killed,” it adds.

Another witness also revealed about the secret meeting, in which the accused persons including Athar told Muslims congregated there to carry rods, stones etc to show the government and the rest of India their protest against NRC will continue.

The chargesheet also mentions Salman Siddiqui’s name, who was in regular touch with Safoora. “As per the call detail records of mobile number 91XXXXXXX3 of Salman, he was in regular touch with a number of other organizers and conspirators namely DS Bindra, Athar, Ravish, Saleem Munna, Saleem Khan, Ayub, Ibrahim and Safoora etc,” the chargesheet says.

Yet another clinching excerpt of the chargesheet nailing Safoora is that the police found her role in both December and February riots.

The Jamia Co-ordination committee had managed all the protest sites to achieve its objective and every site was being supervised and handled by its members including Safoora, who was looking after the Chand Bagh Mazar site and had played a vital role in instigating the protestors.

Thereof, Safoora was arrested by the police. Her role in the present Delhi riots case is further being probed and a report regarding the same will be filed through supplementary chargesheet.

It is therefore evident from the chargesheet that Safoora is as much guilty of murdering Ratan Lal as is any Islamist who brutally killed him.

Moreover, the secret meeting a night before February 24 riots asking the protestors to carry rods, stones and swords indicates a deep-rooted conspiracy to attack and kill Hindus.

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