अंग्रेज चले गये, लेकिन घटिया अंग्रेजी कानून आज भी चल रहे हैं! आइए इसकी सामूहिक होली जलाएं: अश्विनी उपाध्याय

अंग्रेज चले गए लेकिन घटिया अंग्रेजी कानून आज भी चल रहे हैं इसलिए इस बार “भारत छोड़ो आंदोलन” की वर्षगांठ पर हम सब मिलकर अंग्रेजी कानूनों की होली जलाएंगे। कृपया अपने 5 मित्रों के साथ 8 अगस्त 2021 दिन रविवार सुबह 10 बजे जंतर-मंतर जरूर पहुंचे अंग्रेजी कानून PDF फॉर्म में गूगल पर उपलब्ध है। किसी एक कानून का प्रिंट अपने साथ लेकर आएं|

Bengal Indigo Contracts Act 1836

ISD 4:1 के अनुपात से चलता है। हम समय, शोध, संसाधन, और श्रम (S4) से आपके लिए गुणवत्तापूर्ण कंटेंट लाते हैं। आप अखबार, DTH, OTT की तरह Subscription Pay (S1) कर उस कंटेंट का मूल्य चुकाते हैं। इससे दबाव रहित और निष्पक्ष पत्रकारिता आपको मिलती है।

यदि समर्थ हैं तो Subscription अवश्य भरें। धन्यवाद।

Bengal Districts Act 1836

Madras Public Property Malversation Act 1837

Bengal Bonded Warehouse Association Act 1838

Coasting Vessels Act 1838

Madras Rent and Revenue Sales Act 1839

Bengal Land Revenue Sales Act 1841

Revenue, Bombay 1842

Revenue Commissioners, Bombay 1842

Sales of Land for Revenue Arrears 1845

Boundary-marks, Bombay 1846

Boundaries 1847

Bengal Alluvion and Diluvion Act 1847

Bengal Land Holders’ Attendance Act 1848

Madras Revenue Commissioner Act 1849

Judicial Officers Protection Act 1850

Calcutta Land-revenue Act 1850

Forfeited Deposits Act 1850

Improvements in Towns 1850

Indian Tolls Act 1851

Madras City Land Revenue Act 1851

Bombay Rent-free Estates Act 1852

Rent Recovery Act 1853

Shore Nuisances (Bombay and Kolaba) Act 1853

Bengal Bonded Warehouse Association Act 1854

Police, Agra 1854

Legal Representatives’ Suits Act 1855

Fatal Accidents Act 1855

Usury Laws Repeal Act 1855

Bengal Embankment Act 1855

Sonthal Parganas Act 1855

Indian Bills of Lading Act 1856

Calcutta Land-revenue Act 1856

Bengal Chaukidari Act 1856

Tobacco Duty (Town of Bombay) Act 1857

Oriental Gas Company 1857

Madras Compulsory Labour Act 1858

Bengal Ghatwali Lands Act 1859

Bengal Rent Act 1859

Bengal Land Revenue Sales Act 1859

Madras District Police Act 1859

Societies Registration Act 1860

Indian Penal Code 1860

Police Act 1861

Stage-Carriages Act 1861

Partition of Revenue-paying Estates Act 1863

Religious Endowments Act 1863

Waste-Lands (Claims) Act 1863

Indian Tolls Act 1864

Oudh Sub-settlement Act 1866

Public Gambling Act 1867

Oriental Gas Company 1867

Sarais Act 1867

Press and Registration of Books Act 1867

Oudh Estates Act 1869

Divorce Act 1869

Bombay Civil Courts Act 1869

Court-fees Act 1870

Oudh Taluqdars’ Relief Act 1870

Cattle-trespass Act 1871

Coroners Act 1871

Dehra Dun 1871

Pensions Act 1871

Indian Evidence Act 1872

Punjab Laws Act 1872

Indian Contract Act 1872

Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872

Madras Civil Courts Act 1873

Government Savings Banks Act 1873

Northern India Canal and Drainage Act 1873

Married Women’s Property Act 1874

Laws Local Extent Act 1874

Majority Act 1875

Chota Nagpur Encumbered Estates Act 1876

Bombay Revenue Jurisdiction Act 1876

Bombay Municipal Debentures Act 1876

Oudh Laws Act 1876

Broach and Kaira Incumbered Estates Act 1877

Indian Treasure-trove Act 1878

Northern India Ferries Act 1878

Dekkhan Agriculturists Relief Act 1879

Legal Practitioners Act 1879

Religious Societies Act 1880

Kazis Act 1880

Obstructions in Fairways Act 1881

Central Provinces Land-revenue Act 1881

Negotiable Instruments Act 1881

Indian Trusts Act 1882

Transfer of Property Act 1882

Indian Easements Act 1882

Powers-of-Attorney Act 1882

Presidency Small Cause Courts Act 1882

Land Improvement Loans Act 1883

Punjab District Boards Act 1883

Explosives Act 1884

Agriculturists’ Loans Act 1884

Bengal Tenancy Act 1885

Indian Telegraph Act 1885

Land Acquisition (Mines) Act 1885

Mirzapur Stone Mahal Act 1886

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1886

Indian Tramways Act 1886

Suits Valuation Act 1887

Provincial Small Cause Courts Act 1887

Bengal, Agra and Assam Civil Courts Act 1887

Punjab Tenancy Act 1887

Punjab Land Revenue Act 1887

King of Oudh’s Estate Act 1887

Indian Reserve Forces Act 1888

City of Bombay Municipal (Supplementary) Act 1888

King of Oudh’s Estate Act 1888

Revenue Recovery Act 1890

Charitable Endowments Act 1890

Guardians and Wards Act 1890

United Provinces Act 1890

Easements (Extending Act 5 of 1882) 1891

Moorshedabad Act 1891

Bankers’ Books Evidence Act 1891

Bengal Military Police Act 1892

Madras City Civil Court Act 1892

Partition Act 1893

Sir Dinshaw Maneckjee Petit Act 1893

Prisons Act 1894

Epidemic Diseases Act 1897

General Clauses Act 1897

Indian Post Office Act 1898

Live-stock Importation Act 1898

Central Provinces Tenancy Act 1898

Indian Stamp Act 1899

Government Buildings Act 1899

Central Provinces Court of Wards Act 1899

Prisoners Act 1900

Indian Tolls (Army and Air Force) Act 1901

Works of Defence Act 1903

Victoria Memorial Act 1903

Ancient Monuments Preservation Act 1904

Indian Railway Board Act 1905

Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Explosive Substances Act 1908

Central Provinces Financial

Commissioner’s Act 1908

Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act 1908

Indian Ports Act 1908

Registration Act 1908

Anand Marriage Act 1909

Indian Museum Act 1910

Co-operative Societies Act 1912

Delhi Laws Act 1912

Official Trustees Act 1913

White Phosphorus Matches Prohibition Act 1913

Destructive Insects and Pests Act 1914

Local Authorities Loans Act 1914

Delhi Laws Act 1915

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Baronetcy Act 1915

Banaras Hindu University Act 1915

Hindu Disposition of Property Act 1916

Inland Vessels Act 1917

Destruction of Records Act 1917

King of Oudh’s Estate Validation Act 1917

Post Office Cash Certificates Act 1917

Usurious Loans Act 1918

Poisons Act 1919

Calcutta High Court (Jurisdictional Limits) Act 1919

Charitable and Religious Trusts Act 1920

Indian Red Cross Society Act 1920

Identification of Prisoners Act 1920

Passport (Entry into India) Act 1920

Aligarh Muslim University Act 1920

Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act 1921

Delhi University Act 1922

Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act 1922

Boilers Act 1923

Cantonments (House Accommodation) Act 1923

Indian Naval Armament Act 1923

Employees’ Compensation Act 1923

Official Secrets Act 1923

Mussalman Wakf Act 1923

Indian Soldiers (Litigation) Act 1925

Provident Funds Act 1925

Sikh Gurdwaras (Supplementary) Act 1925

Indian Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1925

Madras, Bengal and Bombay Children (Supplementary) Act 1925

Indian Succession Act 1925

Trade Unions Act 1926

Indian Bar Councils Act 1926

Indian Forest Act 1927

Light House Act 1927

Sale of Goods Act 1930

Hindu Gains of Learning Act 1930

Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1931

Indian Partnership Act 1932

Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933

Murshidabad Estate Administration Act 1933

Reserve Bank of India Act 1934

Sugar-cane Act 1934

Aircraft Act 1934

Petroleum Act 1934

Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936

Payment of Wages Act 1936

Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act 1937

Arya Marriage Validation Act 1937

Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act 1937

Insurance Act 1938

Manoeuvres, Field Firing and Artillery Practice Act 1938

Cutchi Memons Act 1938

Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939

Registration of Foreigners Act 1939

Commercial Documents Evidence Act 1939

Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940

Delhi Restriction of Uses of Land Act 1941
Coffee Act 1942

Reciprocity Act 1943

Central Excises Act 1944

Public Debt Act 1944

International Monetary Fund and Bank Act 1945

Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946

Delhi Special Police Establishment Act 1946

Foreigners Act 1946

Industrial Disputes Act 1947

Armed Forces (Emergency Duties) Act 1947

Rubber Act 1947

Indian Nursing Council Act 1947

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