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The Desi Rita Skeeters’ Poison-Pen Narratives Around Vikas Dubey

Soon after the arrest of Vikas Dubey by the police this morning, the left-liberal media started conjuring various conspiracy theories to target Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, instead of implicating Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party, for having nexus to the dreaded gangster.

Rohini Singh, a habitual fake news peddler, wrote on Twitter: “Can there be anything more shameful than the fact that @Uppolice which has more than 2 lakh cops was unable to arrest one Vikas Dubey who went on a joyride all over North India, ate raj kachoris on the way, prayed at the Mahakal temple and then surrendered to MP police?”

She further retweeted India Today Anchor Ankit Tyagi’s twitter, “Let nobody be fooled by the successful arrest claims of #VikasDubey by MP Police. This was a planned surrender, while the clueless UP Police was searching Tv studios. Dubey travelled 6 days, hundreds of Kms across 3 BJP ruled states. You embarrassed your fallen Comrades #UPPolice.”

So, by now you must have known what narrative the left-liberal media were working on. Yes, you understood rightly – The narrative of a planned surrender of Vikas Dubey in cohorts with UP government.

This narrative is quite opposite to the earlier narrative Rohini Singh and her fantasy theorists were cooking up. And, what was that? Read this tweet of hers which was in reply to the empty-headed journalist Swati Chaturvedi. She writes: “But precisely because powerful people don’t want the tales out is the reason why he may be encountered.”

The earlier narrative was being built upon Yogi Adityanath wanting to encounter Vikas Dubey to avoid any embarrassment to him, if the don implicated his nexus with UP police and his government.

When this narrative was taken to the cleaners, they were trying hard to build a narrative around ‘Planned Surrender” of Vikas Dubey, who had ambushed a police team of 15-16 personnel, killing eight of them in Kanpur.

Cop Killer Vikas Dubey Arrested In Ujjain

Now, let us get down to demolishing the Rita Skeeter moulded narrative of planned surrender.

At the very outset, soon after the arrest of the don outside Mahakal Temple in Ujjain, Rohini Singh took to Twitter and wrote: “Vikas Dubey travelled more than 700 kms from Faridabad to Ujjain, prayed at the Mahakaal temple & then started to shout he is Vikas Dubey. Told the guards to inform the police. Ujjain police arrested him from the temple. All this while UP police was peering into TV studios in Noida.”

That Vikas Dubey told the guards to inform police is a white lie.

A tweet of journalist Siddhant Anand demolishes the lie of Rohini Singh. The security guard in a video chat is claiming that Vikas Dubey tried to enter the temple’s premises from the back gate and after he had recognised him, he informed the jurisdictional police.

Nowhere, he is seen talking about Vikas Dubey telling him to inform the police about his presence near the temple.

The cabal must understand that a person who wants to surrender, would go to the police station, not to a crowded temple. If he is fearing a police encounter, he would surrender before a jurisdictional court. Why should he be entering the temple from the rear gate? If his intention was to surrender, he would have entered the temple from the front gate.

Entering from the rear gate is unusual unless a person lives near to the back gate, but Vikas Dubey is not an inhabitant of the city.

Have a look at yet another tweet of hers. She writes: “From Faridabad he could have easily gone to Rajasthan which is much closer. It’s only 272km to Jaipur. Or he could have slipped into Punjab from Haryana but he chose to travel 700 kms to Madhya Pradesh…”

Here, she is trying to say that Vikas Dubey has struck a deal with the UP government asking him not to kill him in an encounter.

This script is as bad as Salman Khan’s flick. If Vikas Dubey implicates BSP, Congress and SP leaders, wouldn’t they implicate BJP leaders, if there is any nexus with the don?

While one section of the society does not take this gang seriously, other sections continue to take delight into their imaginary cookups.

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