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अरब देशों को कश्मीर में भारी वित्तीय व्यापारिक, सांस्थानिक हैसियत देने का मतलब

१.) सदा के लिए न केवल कश्मीर का पूर्ण एवं सशक्त इस्लामीकरण; अपितु
२.) हिमाचल, उत्तराखण्ड, हरियाणा, आदि को निश्चित रूपेण उसी दिशा में ढकेलना!

जिस तरह, नेहरू जब ‘धारा-३७०’ दे रहे थे, तथा तिब्बत पर ‘पंचशील’ का दस्तखत कर रहे थे – तब यह मामूली, नगण्य, अपितु उत्साहजनक घटना लगी थी (पुस्तकालय में १९४८ ई. या १९५५ ई. के अखबार उलट कर देख सकते हैं)।

फिर, वह सब करने वाले नेहरू, तथा सहयोग देने या चुप रहने वाले अन्य नेता मर-मरा गये। आगे उन की पार्टी सत्ताबल पर उन्हें और उन के कामों को महान बताती रही… जबकि उन्हीं कामों के कारण हमारा देश दो दिशाओं से भयंकर मार खाता रहा। उन भूलों को इसलिए भी नहीं सुधारा गया कि एक तो नेताओं की महानता को बचाई जाए, दूसरे नये नेताओं की कमर में बल और माथे में विवेक और कम होता गया। वे अधिकांश मूढ़ जनखे साबित हुए, मगर सत्ता चमक व प्रचार से सामान्य दिखते रहे। इस बीच देश बर्बाद …

क्या आज भाजपा व संघ नेता वैसी ही कई भयंकर भूलें नहीं कर रहे हैं, जिसे मास्टरस्ट्रोक कह-कहकर, उसी तरह, सत्ता बल से, उन की पार्टी वही जय-जयकार नहीं कर रही, जैसे नेहरू की सदैव होती रही…?
इस्लामी राजनीति के सिद्धांत-इतिहास पर नेहरू जितने ही ढपोरशंख संघ भाजपा के वर्तमान सर्वोच्च नेता हैं – यह उन के बयानों और कार्यों से बिलकुल साफ है। तब उन के कनिष्ठों, शागिर्दों की स्थिति भी वही होगी जैसी नेहरू भक्तों की थी। सो, भयंकर भूलों से भरे कामों को मास्टरस्ट्रोक कह-कहकर नाचना…।

पर, क्या ये नेता भी क्या जल्द मर-मरा नहीं जाएंगे – जिन से हिसाब लेने का तो सवाल ही नहीं। बल्कि इन के उत्तराधिकारी उसी तरह सब कुछ को सही बताते हुए, भयंकर भूलों पर पर्दा डालते हुए, और नई नई मूर्खताएं कर सकते हैं …?

(नोट:- ऐसे आलोचक को तब ‘सीआईए एजेंट’ कहा जाता था, आज ‘आइसिस एजेंट’ कहा जाता है।)

शंकर शरण जी की इस विवेचना को mediacrooks के इस लेख से समझिए….

Kashmir As Arab Armpit

Events somehow happen in a sequence that often seem unrelated. It takes us a while to understand the MO and the strange noises and images we come across. First, the movie “The Kashmir Files” releases and there’s a lot of noise about it, debates on TV and so on. Soon enough PM Narendra Modi endorsed the movie and urged everyone to watch it. He claimed that the “Truth” about the KP genocide was hidden by the entire “eco-system” (referring to Congress and their allies). In the 8 years of doing nothing for KPs, I would assume the “Truth” was a stranger to Modi too. But never let a chance for lipstick pass by. So, Modi and other top BJP leaders met the producers of the movie to endorse it further and this yatra will probably continue for a while:

Modi also “tore into” the ecosystem for their campaign against TKF. One would imagine the movie was made by the govt itself for someone to get so agitated. Anyway, out of the blue, a sidekick of Modi called Jitendra Singh, allegedly a minister, made a chest-thumping claim immediately after the TKF events. This Singh and his brother (Devender Rana) have been milking both sides of the political divide in JK for very long. Only recently Rana joined the BJP too. For brand-identity, one calls himself “Singh” while the junior calls himself “Rana”. Modi made his endorsement speech on TKF on March, 16 and on March 20, Jitendra suddenly jumped up about POK:

I didn’t know a movie could arouse such truckloads of chivalry as to claim the BJP will liberate POK. My natural instinct would have been to imagine there would be an election somewhere and gullible Hindus need another dose of adrenaline. But that wasn’t the case. After the TKF events and the POK dare, guess who turned up the next day in India? None other than the business delegation from UAE. Having delivered justice to the KPs through a movie and all their losses and grievances being attended to, it was time for “development” of Kashmir:

In the euphoria of TKF become a big box office success, Hindus applauding the portrayal of KP suffering and all TV channels holding debates on it, the timing seemed perfect. While you were engrossed in all this, the vist by the UAE delegation was already planned. So, the sequence of events aren’t so sudden after all. All the plans of UAE investment in Kashmir (although technically J&K, the main object of affection is obviously Kashmir) – malls, industries, education, hospitals, mujra houses, belly-dance clubs – all may become a reality for the downtrodden Muslims of Kashmir. Of course, there won’t be Hindus in Kashmir anymore as this UAE deal PERMANENTLY shuts the door for them. Whatever justice the KPs wanted has been delivered by the TKF movie so they shouldn’t complain anymore. (Read: Kashmir Gone Forever For Hindus and KPs Never Going Back). The Kashmir kids seem happy though, they expressed what they feel about it all. Video (1.33 mins):

Let’s look back at some history. You know, the British never actually “invaded” India in the same sense as the Mughals or Portuguese invaded India. The British didn’t use any military to invade India. They came as traders with their East India Co (EIC) and started setting up factories and trading posts at various coasts. They battled the Portuguese too. But then, the English King Charles II married Portuguese Princess Katherine. So, the Brits and the Portuguese became friends and the latter gifted Bombay to the Brits as dowry. It all seems like a joke but all of this is true – some aliens gifting off Indian territories. The Brits learned one more thing – that the Mughal rulers were mighty only with their swords but were mentally dodos that could be conned. So bit by bit, the Brits conned every Mughal ruler to part with some land, collect revenue and finally displaced all the brainless Mughals.

Imagine, all these vultures were aliens in India but the the Brits fought the Mughals, the Mughals fought the Portuguese, the Brits fought the French, Dutch and Portuguese – all of this when they were all aliens in this country. It’s like holding the World Cup Football in India when an India team didn’t qualify at all, not even as the host country. The EIC slowly built an army of their own consisting of their own commanders but all their footsoldiers were Indians – about 200000 of them. At that time, the EIC army became larger than the British army itself.

Many Indian Jawans revolted after years and this is famous as the mutiny of 1857. With that mutiny, the British Royals took over the EIC lock, stock and barrel with the Govt of India Act 1858 and thus India formally became a colony of the British. All this without much of a military battle or a great invasion. The one thing that Brits did establish is that the Mughals were brainless idiots and could easily be conned. It is just that the Hindus couldn’t manage it because the Mughals had somewhat merged into their culture while the Brits had white skin, alien language and superior weapons. The UAE too comes in peace and as smoothly as the the Brits originally did.

Technically, the UAE investing in India shouldn’t be a problem at all. India has many foreigners and foreign companies investing in all parts of India. They are doing well and have no conflicts with Indians. The problem is UAE is going to be the Mother of all investments in Kashmir. While even non-Kashmiri Indians have found it hard to establish businesses in Kashmir, the UAE will not face that problem – being the “original” Muslims. The other main purpose being bandied about is a “moral” defeat of Pakistan and thwarting their attempts to rake up Kashmir in the Muslim world. To put it one word as the BhajanMandli would call it – a “Masterstroke” by Modi:

There is NOTHING that UAE will do in Kashmir that India cannot do on its own. On the contrary, like I said before, Mughals didn’t have much brains and could be conned easily. Modern, educated Muslims of the ME aren’t that dull but building infrastructure, hospitals, airports, educational institutions, mujra houses are not their specialty. Please cancel the last part (Mujra houses) as it is still their specialty. In fact, as mentioned in my previous posts linked here, almost all of the major projects in the UAE are built by the British, French and Americans. The Arabs still don’t have the skills for all this. So, what makes the UAE such an attractive husband for Kashmir? In the ANI report I quoted above, the JK govt has also tied up with a “University College of Birmingham” to create Edufra and colleges in Kashmir. Now, WAIT! That UC of Birmingham isn’t the one in UK, it’s a branch in Dubai. Even if we needed a tie-up with UCB, why the Dubai one? We surely command enough respect to tie-up with the original HQ in UK. But that’s the sham that Modi is executing.

There is a price to be paid if you are a poodle wearing Collars. You have to behave like a slave. Modi started off seeking approval and recognition from Islamic countries to overwrite his image as a “Muslim-hater” created from Gujarat. Ajit Doval could be a key broker in this. Add his extreme appeasement of Muslims in India to that effort. Modi even got a Collar from Palestine. The Saudis gave Modi a similar award as early as 2016 in his tenure. For what? Nobody knows. The UAE gave him the Zayed Medal in 2019 for improving relations but there is a catch. The UAE not only wanted to broker dialogue between India-Pakistan it obviously demanded its pound of flesh too. And Kashmir is that pound of flesh given in dowry for the lipstick of Modi. The UAE was granted both – being a mediator between Indo-Pak and Kashmir as their playground. Modi has all the land in Kashmir for the UAE Sheikhs to play in but none for the displaced KPs. He’s like “Baba Black Sheep” with lands only for his masters:

Therefore, all the farcical and fraudulent shouting about KPs, whether by the BJP politicians or the media-coolies of Modi, like Timesnow or RepublicTV, the KPs will remain where they are and languish without justice or compensation. They have been taken down the Donkey-road again by Modi; this time the Digene is a movie. As UAE takes hold of Kashmir, there will be more Islamification of the region. Hindus who are unable to seek a livelihood there (they get killed if they try) will be permanently shut out. If at all the UAE projects try to hire Hindu workers, there will be another blood-bath.

The pursuit of justice by KPs and other Hindus for their suffering can now be consigned to the garbage bin. Modi doesn’t give a crap nor does BJP or any other party. All this nonsensical chest-thumping about regaining POK is to fool Hindus again and push them to stupor. Kashmir will become the extended armpit of Arabs. A playground for their rich. And it will stink for Hindus. And it will be the final nail that buries the existence of Hindus or the territory once being Hindu for good. That is where this is heading. Pakistan hasn’t really failed in its agenda. It has simply driven GOI to turn Kashmir more Islamic than even they thought possible. It is India that has failed. This is a new model by Modi – to confront Islamists in any region, insert more Islamists. And this model works at the cost of Hindus who will be subject to another genocide and exodus like the KPs. Maybe Kerala and Bengal will replicate this model soon. Punjab too can be a candidate.

On a different topic, in Palakkad, Kerala, a judge called Kalam Pasha called the police and complained against a cultural program of “Mohinyattam” by popular dancer Dr. Neena Prasad. The stupid police promptly acted on his order too and stopped the program halfway. Imagine, this is the cult that blares the nuisance of their loudspeaker Azaans to millions everyday. In a country that is largely Hindu, Islamists will first drive out cultural symbols and then the Hindus also will be driven out. These louts cannot be given one inch anywhere.

On March 22, during a debate on Kashmir Hindus, both, Shehzad Poonawalla the BJP spokie and the brainless Navika Kumar asked “what is the use of an inquiry commission after 32 years”? As TKF was widely discussed in media, some wrongly compared it to “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg. Schindler too was a Nazi war-profiteer, a slave-labour exploiter but in the later stages of Nazi crimes he saved over 1000 Jews. So, he was redeemed and never prosecuted. Michael Moore of the US ran a TV series called the “Awful Truth” in 1999-2000. Here’s an episode from it where his agent meets the BMW car company that exploited Jewish slave-labour. This episode is from June 2000, 55 years after Germany surrendered. Watch till the end (7.30 mins)

BMW finally paid up certain amounts after Moore confronted them in the US. Criminal cases are never closed and they aren’t time-barred. BJP and media morons should be better educated. The crimes against KPs are not time-barred and the cases should never be closed. Modi has washed his hands off but may be someday there will be a better PM who will care for justice for crimes against Hindus. In the meantime, Hindus can say goodbye to Kashmir.

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