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The Novel Chinese Virus – The Print, NDTV, The Wire, The Caravan …

China has been writhing in pain over the use of Chinese virus terminology by people, including US President Donald Trump, across the world.

China also has raised concerns over the use of “Chinese virus” with India and is hoping a positive response from it.

China also is worried about people across the globe suspecting them for using the Chinese virus as bio-weapon to spread disease across the globe to gain control over world economy. Almost all the stock markets have slumped, but not China’s.

Under these circumstances, China has sought India’s cooperation against using Chinese virus terminology, because, according to them, is a racist slur on the people of China, living across the globe.

However, the Indian government has not responded to it. So, becoming restless, China has started to pump in huge money in India’s mainstream media to spread their government’s propaganda on Chinese virus.

Harbir Singh Nain, a journalist, revealed that he was contacted by the Chinese, asking him to peddle the Chinese government’s propaganda on Chinese virus.

He had tweeted: “China is pressuring Indian journalists to peddle the Chinese government’s propaganda on the #Chinesevirus. Some of them are afraid for their lives and careers, if they don’t comply. Most are complying. I will not be complying. If I wind up dead, know that China did it.”

This tweet is corroborated to pro-China stories appearing in NDTV, The Print and other left-liberal portals and media.

All of a sudden, Bakait Pandey (Ravish Kumar of NDTV) has come out all guns blazing against 21-day lockdown Prime Minister Narendra Modi government announced amidst the Chinese virus scare.

He tweeted: “Locdown essential but what about the people going hungry?”

Also, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has been accused of being hand-in-glove with China to conceal the spread of Chinese virus, criticised the lockdown. He said: “To slow the spread of COVID-19, many countries introduced “lockdown” measures. But on their own, these measures will not extinguish epidemics. We call on all countries to use this time to attack the coronavirus. You have created a 2nd window of opportunity.”

The Print’s Shekhar Gupta also jumped into the fray by publishing an old picture of workers in China to show how everything was fine in China, while India is doing lockdown. Later, he changed the picture after Ankur Singh, a popular twitter user and people, trolled Gupta on social media.

OpIndia’s Rahul Roushan also trolled The Print by exposing their double standards. He posted a tweet showcasing two articles, in total contrast to the other. On November 24, 2018, The Print published a story headlined: China is buying good press across the world, one paid journalist at a time.

In another article dated March 25, 2020, The Print gave the headline: Chinese factories are beginning to buzz again while rest of the world comes to a halt.

Another paid patrakar, Vidya Krishnan of The Caravan, who was rapped by the Supreme Court for wrong reporting in Justice Loya case, in reply to billionaire Jack Ma, targeted Modi. She tweeted: India is the neighbor everyone hates. Every single country is the neighborhood is getting this emergency supply, except India. And we have @narendramodi to thank for this.”

Countering the tweet, Aarti Tikoo Singh flayed Vidya for backing a totalitarian China and indirectly pointed out that such journalists were soldout people. She said: “What does it say about the people who during this Beijing-created crisis A) abuse democratic India but praise totalitarian China B) don’t question Xi Jinping govt for the cover-up that caused coronavirus pandemic but spit on Indian govt? Such people are blissfully ignorant or?”

So, this is a propaganda war and it is necessary for us to expose these anti-India and pro-China elements.

These, in reality, are more dangerous virus than Chinese virus.

Koi Shakk?

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