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The Paradox Of Fresh Air Amidst Sterlite Hearing

In this piece, I shall discuss how the shutting down of the Sterlite plant has not only caused heavy damage to the Indian economy, but also affected production of medical oxygen, which otherwise could have saved the lives of many people suffering from Coronavirus.

Realising the need for augmenting oxygen to meet the demands of the hospitals, Vedanta has come forward with an idea to manufacture the life-saving liquid from its closed copper-producing Sterlite plant situated in Thoothukudi.

For this, the firm has moved the Supreme Court to allow Sterlite to make oxygen for saving lives.

The plant was closed after a May 23, 2018 order by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board following violent protests against the unit which left 13 people dead in police firing.

What the apex court will decide, it is up to the honorable judges. However, it is worth noting the conspiracy behind the closing of the plant. The conspirators were the usual suspects – The Church, Church-Funded NGOs, Tukde-Tukde Gang, and LTTE sympathizers.

The Church has this mega agenda to derail the growth of the nation, because hungry jobless locals become easy prey for them to indulge in conversion and sow seeds of hatred against the country and its majority community.

The role of the Church and Church-funded NGOs in destabilization activities in India is a well-documented fact. In the North-East, Christian missionaries are closely linked with militant tribal groups and Maoists. In the South, they are closely linked with pro-LTTE elements in Tamil Nadu.

The role of one London-based Samarendra Das of the ‘Foil Vedanta Group’ had prominently emerged in the media during the Thoothukudi protest against Sterlite plant.

As a coincidence, after the Thoothukudi violence John McDonnell, a prominent leader of the Opposition labour Party in the UK, declared that Vedanta is a rogue company and demanded it be removed from the London Stock Exchange.

The Church’s involvement in such destabilization activities was also seen blatantly during Koodankulam nuclear power plant agitations in Tirunelveli.

This was not alleged by BJP or Sangh Parivar, but Congress leader and then Union Minister V Narayanaswami. He claimed one Bishop Yavon Ambroise of Thoothukudi had received Rs 54 crore and was the key figure behind the protests. Many Christian institutions like People’s Education for Action and Liberation, Good Vision were on the Home Minister’s radar as instigators.

The then Home Secretary had sealed the bank accounts of four such NGOs as they were found guilty of money transfer from overseas to fund national protests and incite disruption.

So, it is clear that the Thoothukudi and Kudankulam protests had clear foreign influence.

If the Sterlite plant would have been functioning now, it could have produced 1000 MT of medical oxygen that could have saved people’s lives.

One may argue that when the plant closed down, no one knew about Coronavirus and the havoc it would cause. But, a true Hindu devote believes that an action performed with selfish desire will have bad consequences. So, he is not surprised at the lack of oxygen cylinders, which is the consequence of the selfish desire of the Church-sponsored tukde-tukde gang.

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