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Tirath Singh Is An Excuse, But Mamata Is The Target

The right-wingers who were expressing their ire over an apparent inaction of Narendra Modi government against Mamata Banerjee government’s callousness in addressing attacks on Hindu Dalits by her party goons should know the prime minister and his team have a different approach to dealing with problems.

Most of the right-wing brothers were expecting an instant solution to stop the attacks on Hindus in West Bengal. Most cried for the President’s rule in the state. But, politically it is not an instant solution for the BJP, because after six months it has to face elections once again. And, there are half chances for the party to increase its tally from 79 seats to the required majority to form the government.

So, what options does the BJP think tank has? To divide the state. Especially grant union territory status to North Bengal where incidents of violence have been reported. This is a good option. 

If implemented, it would at least give some protection to the Hindus who have been raped and killed by TMC goons who are mostly Muslims. This has also been submitted before the Supreme Court and Kolkata High Court.

However, the division of the state will not meet the political expectations of the rightwingers. The expectation of dissolving the elected government in West Bengal. It may be a disaster for the BJP in the courts, because the post-poll violence happened before Mamata Banerjee took oath as the chief minister. Some may have different legal points, but it will be debated in the courts as well.

So, what other option BJP has to tame Mamata Banerjee? How about cancelling the pending byelections in the country which were postponed due to Covid pandemic?

If I am thinking right, the replacement of Tirath Singh Rawat as Uttarakhand Chief Minister by the BJP has a distant objective. 

If the party continued with Tirath Sigh Rawat, he would then have to resign as member of parliament and contest a byelection. But, holding a by-election amid Covid pandemic is a distant possibility, especially when the Assembly polls are due in less than a year’s time. 

Moreover, the Election Commission had recently found itself in the midst of a major row over the March-April election in five states held alongside rising infection rates in the second wave.

In fact, The Economic Times on June 25, has reported the impossibility of holding bypolls to 25 assembly seats, 3 parliamentary constituencies and at least four Rajya Sabha seats that have been held back by the Election Commission due to Covid pandemic.

Now, let me come to the issue of BJP’s distant objective of replacing Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirth Singh Rawat. The distant aim is to deny Mamata Banerjee an opportunity to continue as West Bengal chief minister. 

Mamata Banerjee needs to get elected to the assembly within six months to retain her chair, but BJP will expect the Election Commission to cancel the pending or postpone upcoming bypolls in view of the looming threat of the third Covid wave in India.

The postponement of the bypolls in West Bengal will be a huge setback for Mamata Banerjee as she will have to resign from chief minister’s post. 

A leader, who pushed for cancellation of state elections during pandemic, does not have the moral right to push for holding bypoll when the scientists are wary of the looming third wave of the pandemic.

Cancellation or postponement of bypolls in West Bengal could be the wish of the BJP, and if materialised, it could once again prove the different way in which the Narendra Modi government deals with its foes. 

Remember right wingers – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are different politicians. Trust them always. They would hardly disappoint you.

Jai Hind.

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