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Nature has its own protection mechanism. Whatsoever one does externally the nature inside the body does not abide by it instead follows only natural procedure to deal with any eventuality.

Immunity is the only system which can protect and repair human body. All other ingredients injected or taken orally only provide support material. The ingredients or input to the body will be of any value only if immunity can use it beneficially. Thus, “IMMUNITY IS THE KEY TO HEALING AND PROTECTION OF OUR BODY”.

Vaccine only alerts immunity about the expected threat so that immunity is ready to fight the infection with appropriate antibodies as and when one gets infected. The vaccine lobby has been falsely propagating that vaccine as a immunity booster. Corona vaccine has certain major shortcomings –

(1) The traits of virus not yet established because it is changing rapidly. Therefore, vaccine will always be in tail chase situation with Corona and will never win the battle.

(2) The effectiveness of Vaccine depends upon immunity. So if an individual’s immunity is low then the individual has a possibility of getting infected from the same virus. Secondly, if your immunity is strong then why one needs vaccine?

(3) Vaccine has been developed in very short time and proper tests for long term side effects have not been evaluated. It might damage any organ in long term. The estimated time required to develop a proper vaccine is 10 years as per scientific parameters but present vaccine has been developed within 10 months which raises many questions with respect to safety. Globally governments have accorded emergency use approval which has been misunderstood by common people. Most understand that this approval has been given in emergency for use but it means bypassing numerous safety trials of vaccine.

(4) The mindset of common people is being tricked that it was only vaccine which saved humanity from cholera, chickenpox, measles and polio. Indeed theses were virus infections in which vaccine saved humans but the these viruses were almost stable and were not changing traits like Corona. Why scientific community could not develop vaccine for HIV which is one of the most dreaded virus than Corona and is in existence for many decades?

(5) It has been declared many times that the antibodies of Corona do not last long. Therefore, vaccination has to be repeated. As it appears the entire humanity will be roped in an ever ending process of taking vaccines for Corona.

(6) Corona was, is and will be part of our habitat. It can’t be eliminated and hence temporary solutions like vaccines will not hold ground in long run. Immunity is the only sustainable answer to Corona.

(7) I feel that it is the duty of our scientists who are in a noble profession of serving humanity to inform publicly the facts about Corona virus. Unfortunately the time will prove Corona to be a game plan of medicine manufacturers in connivance with politicians and global leaders.

(8) Now the media has slowly started propagating that the vaccine may not be effective against the new Coronavirus strain. I have been telling from the time Corona started that modern medicine system will never be able to produce any medicine, therapy or effective vaccine for Corona. Only immunity enhancing can protect humans from Corona. Very few have have appreciated and understood the the reason for this failure and have resorted to enhancing immunity through other systems of medicine. I hope everyone reading this article will find an alternative to vaccine to protect oneself.

In my personal opinion the vaccine against Corona is a hoax. Corona can only be set right by keeping immunity strong and nothing else. Humans will have to follow methods to enhance immunity naturally for survival in the habitat.

Commander Naresh Mishra
Founder Zyropathy
Toll Free-1800-102-1357
Whatsapp: +91-888-2222-1817

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