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What Fascism Are You Talking About, Mr Guha?

First let us know what fascism is all about.

Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, which suppresses opposition forcibly. It is opposed to liberalism, Marxism and anarchism.

Fascism first emerged in Italy during World War I before spreading to other European countries.

Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete and prepare a one-party nation to carry out armed conflict and respond effectively to economic challenges. Such a state is led by a dictator like Adolf Hitler or a martial government created by ruling fascist party members.

Fascism views political violence, war and imperialism as means to forge unity.

Between first and second world war, German dictator Adolf Hitler had sent many Jews to concentration camps and killed them. As many as 4 million Jews were exterminated.

People like Ramchandra Guha and Co are saying RSS and BJP government are fascists. This has been heard by many for the past two decades.

The truth, however, is different. Fascist actions were carried out by Congress and Left governments.

The Emergency

Emergency was another kind of fascism. It was imposed by Congress supremo and then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for 18 months between 1975 to 1977.

Most of Indira’s political opponents were imprisoned and the press was censored. Several other human rights violations were reported from the time, including a forced mass-sterilization campaign spearheaded by Sanjay Gandhi, Indira’s son.

Many people were detained by police without charge or notification of families. The detainees and political prisoners were abused and tortured.

The public and private media institutions, like Doordarshan, was used for government propaganda. The Congress government also banned Kishore Kumar songs on All India Radio and Doordarshan from 4 May 1976 till the end of Emergency after the popular singer refused to sing for a Congress party rally in Mumbai.

The government also forcibly sterilized poor tonga wallahs and destroyed slum and low-income housing in Turkmen Gate and Jama Masjid area of old Delhi.

Many opposition leaders also went underground. One among them was the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Anti-Sikh Riots

The 1984 Anti-Sikh riots were another form of fascism. The Congress was in active complicity with the mob, who killed as many as 2,800 Sikhs in Delhi and 3,350 nationwide. However, independent sources estimated number of deaths at about 8,000–17,000. At least 50,000 Sikhs were displaced.

Armed mobs stopped buses and trains in and around Delhi. Pulled Sikh passengers and lynched. Some others were burnt alive and dragged from their homes and hacked to death. Sikh women were reportedly gang-raped and had acid thrown on them.

Congress leaders, including Jagdish Tytler and Kamalnath, were accused of criminal conspiracy to engineer riots against Sikhs after Indira’s assassination by her Sikh guards. Some Delhi policemen also gave free hand to rioters to go on rampage.

The Congress also gave provisions, means and instruction to hardened criminals, who were set free from many jails, sub-jails and lock-ups for three days and prisoners, to teach Sikhs a lesson.

Bangladeshi, Kashmiri Hindus Massacre

Another form of fascism was killings of Kashmiri Hindus by Islamic jihadis between late 1989 and early 1990. Thousands of Hindus were gunned down, cut into pieces, beheaded and forced to flee the valley. As many as 256 cases were registered, but not a single criminal has been convicted.

Yet another phase of fascism was Marichjhapi massacre in West Bengal. Around 40000 Bangladeshi Hindu Dalit refugees were evicted from reserve forest land in 1979. Thousands were gunned down by police and Left-aligned goons under Jyoti Basu’s regime.

Many others died due to blockade, subsequent starvation and disease. It is also said that the Bengal Tigers became man-eaters after feasting on the bodies of the people killed at Marichjhapi.

All this is fascism, but people like Guha and his lumped groups are calling RSS and BJP as fascists.

What fascism you are talking about, Mr Guha and Co?

Has your right to freedom of expression been snatched by Modi government? Has there been any state-sponsored killings of Muslims or Christians? Has there been any instance where media houses were raided and their editorials controlled? Is there one-party regime in India? Is our Prime Minister, a dictator? Is the police helping state-sponsored goons to kill people? Instead, the police are getting beaten and stoned. 

These are the same police who protect and rescue everyone of us in grave situations.
Kuch toh sharm karo besharmo …

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