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Who Can Fill PM Modi’s Shoes If He Resigns? None

With India witnessing another record rise of new COVID-19 cases, the ecosystem is demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resignation.

Let’s assume Modi accepts their demand and resigns. The next question will be – who could be the right replacement for Modi?

Rahul Gandhi? This man spends all his time abusing Modi. If he could have spent the time monitoring the covid situation in Congress-ruled states instead, things would have been better in India.

These states were busy raising doubts about vaccines rather than vaccinating people, which fuelled the second wave of the pandemic in the country.

The irresponsible public pronouncements made by some Congress leaders also resulted in a below national average vaccination coverage of senior citizens and even frontline workers in these Congress-ruled states.

Even more worse is that Rahul Gandhi has not yet expressed gratitude towards scientists and vaccine manufacturers for innovating under trying circumstances and empowering the world with vaccines.

Should we have him as our prime minister, who has totally failed in galvanising his chief ministers to check the surge of the pandemic?

Not only this, Rahul Gandhi spreads fake news and panic. Recently, he targeted one of the largest vaccine producing companies by insinuating that the Serum Institute’s pricing for the vaccine was a case of the Centre helping its friends.

One step ahead of him is his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in spreading fake news and panic. She falsely alleged that former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis indulged in hoarding Remdesivir.

On the contrary, Fadnavis was extending help to Maharashtra government to get Remdesivir, whic was confirmed by a Maharashtra minister himself.

She also spread fake news about the centre exporting oxygen last year, however, the fact is the centre had exported industrial oxygen, not medical.

So, do we deserve Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as prime minister? Tell me.

Arvind Kejriwal

Or should we desire Arvind Kejriwal? He is an extraordinary politician who does not miss any opportunity to create anarchy in the country.

The greatest example was in full public view yesterday when he televised live a closed-door conversation between PM Narendra Modi and 10 chief ministers, to discuss Covid situation in India.

This was a breach of trust and protocol, and Kejriwal, being a former top bureaucrat, very well knows government protocols. The central government should spare him and a NIA probe should be initiated for his Televised Nautanki, because he could have been helping the conspirators to create anarchy and panic in India.

Do we deserve such a prime minister, whose entire politics is based on lies and flip-flops? On April 15, he announced ample availability of oxygen in Delhi, but a couple of days later, he cried over lack of life-saving liquid, which is hard to believe by any standards.

We also know how he handled the first wave of Covid last year, when he left the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar migrants to the mercy of their fate, by imposing lockdown, ahead of Bihar elections.

He was accused of misleading the migrants by saying that the Uttar Pradesh government had arranged buses for them, whereas no such arrangements were made at that time.

This resulted in thousands of labourers, rendered jobless due to the lockdown, gathering at a bus terminus near UP-Delhi border and hundreds even started walking down thousands of kilometres in a desperate attempt to reach their homes, triggering fears that efforts to contain the spread of the virus could fail.

Similar scenes were also seen on April 20 when Kejriwal announced a six-day lockdown, without giving the distressed workers time before making the announcement, which cost their travel home 10 times more.

Also, the Delhi High Court today took the Kejriwal government to task for failing to set up 8 oxygen plants in Delhi. His government could manage only one such plant after the central government had sanctioned funds from the PM CARES Fund to the government last December.

Kejriwal has time for anarchists and pro-Khalistanis, but not for the migrant workers. He chose to visit Singhu border and provoke the agitating farmers by lying to them about the three agrarian laws, instead of explaining their benefits.

He is such a “rogue” chief minister that his party had promised to amend the APMC Act in its election manifesto for Punjab elections in 2017. Moreover, his government had already notified the laws in the national capital.

So, would it be appropriate to have Kejriwal as our prime minister? Please let me know.

Sharad Pawar, Uddhav Thackeray

Or should we see Sharad Pawar or Uddhav Thackeray donning the PM’s mantle?

Almost all Maharashtrians would agree that Sharad Pawar-controlled Uddhav Thackeray government has failed to get its act together even after fighting Covid for a year.

Maharashtra has emerged the top contributor to the national tally of active cases. According to the data shared by the union ministry of health and family welfare, the state contributed 27.17 per cent to the 2,552,940 active Covid cases in the country.

Today, Maharashtra reported 67,160 new Covid-19 cases and 676 fatalities in a time span of 24 hours, pushing the state’s tally to 4,228,836 and its death toll to 63,928.

The active caseload in the state currently stands at 694,480, according to the health bulletin.

Since the beginning of the second wave of the pandemic, daily new infections reported from the state have remained upwards of at least 40,000 cases from April 1.

In the week, except on April 19, Monday (58,924 new cases), the daily new cases have stayed above the 60,000-mark.

So, can we have Sharad Pawar or Uddhav Thackeray to be the prime minister? Answer please.

Mamata Banerjee

Or, should we have Mamata Banerjee as the PM?

Didi does not even have time to attend chief ministers’ meetings with the PM over the Covid-19 situation, what time will she have to adress the Covid situation. However, she keeps herself busy campaigning for the ongoing assembly elections, though she cancelled her rallies the same day the PM announced the same.

The repercussions of this attitude are here to see. West Bengal, today, reported 14,281 COVID cases, the biggest single-day spike since the beginning of the pandemic.

Currently, West Bengal tally stands at 7,28,061 while 10,884 COVID-19 patients have lost their lives.

So, do we deserve Mamata Banerjee as the prime minister?

One may ask why I am not singling out the PM. Let me be clear about it. He has done enough, which the Lutyens media had not adequately reported, which we will englighten the public in the next article.

And above everything else, health is a state matter, so the onus lies on the chief ministers to tackle the situation. The central government can only extend support and facilitate requirements of the state governments.

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