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Why Did Kwan Transfer Rs 30 Lakh To Rhea Chakraborty?

In Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, one remembers the father of the late actor, filing an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty for stealing Rs 15 crore from his son’s bank account, with the Bihar police.

So, is there any connection between stealing of Rs 15 crore by Rhea and Rs 10 crore endorsement payment made to Kwan by Sushant?

When the Enforcement Directorate, which is probing in financial aspects of the Sushant case, asked Kwan employee Jaya Saha about Rs 10 crore payment, she revealed it was towards an endorsement.

This claim, however, is suspicious. Because, as per Bollywood standard practises, any deal fetches 10 per cent commission to any firm or individuals. If Sushant has paid Rs 10 crore, it means he should have gross earnings of Rs 100 crore a year.

However, Sushant’s per annum earnings have never been Rs 100 crore. Therefore, a question arises – for what purpose Rs 10 crore was paid to Kwan and who paid it?

There are no documents to approve Jaya Saha’s claim either.

Jaya was summoned after her name cropped up in 2019 Whatsapp messages with Rhea. The text informed us about mixing four drops of some substance (CBD oil) in somebody’s (Sushant) drink.  

However, the most striking revelations came to light are the transactions between Rhea and Kwan, especially two specific payments made to the actress and her mother, before and after Sushant’s death.

The first transfer of Rs 3.68 lakh was made in April 2020 and the second of Rs 1.36 lakh was made in July. Sushant had died either on June 13 or 14.

Bollywood talent management agency KWANs CEO Dhruv Editorial Stock Photo -  Stock Image | Shutterstock
Dhruv Chitgopekar

Other transactions of Rhea are: Rs 3,96,825 (March 12 through RTGS), Rs 3,68,098 (same month), Rs 1,60,651 (Through NEFT on May 2), Rs 1,72,126 (same month), Rs 1,59,300 (Through cheque on June 4), Rs 2,75,400 (Either through RTGS or NEFT on June 25), Rs 1,36,802 (July 4), Rs 2,75,400 July 6), Rs 1,17,900 (October 4) and Rs 1,21,125 (November 18).

Now, the question arises why Kwan made these payments, totalling to Rs 30 lakh in a year, to Rhea, when she did not offer any services to anyone? Are these payments made to her in lieu of drugs?

Kwan has been under the Narcotics Control Bureau’s scanner for its alleged drug supply chain running through its talent managers Karishma Prakash, Shruti Modi and designer Simone Khambatta.

Earlier, Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam had demanded a ban on Kwan for its alleged links to the drug syndicate.

He claimed Kwan as the most powerful firm in Bollywood which charges 15 percent commission for each job.

Sushant’s actor-friend Yuvraj Singh, who also is acquainted to Kwan CEO Dhruv Chitgopekar for a decade, alleged that most A-listed Bollywood stars associated with the firm are into drugs.

He also said Jaya Saha is the only agent of big names.

Yuvraj also revealed Kwan’s operations. He alleged the firm for exploiting small-time actresses and models. It forces them into drug trade and for many other things. The firm also denies work if anybody does not cooperate with it, he disclosed.

Kwan also had been in the news for wrong reasons sometime back. Its former co-founder Anirban Blah was accused of rapes and molestation, following which he was asked to step aside.

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