How to be a successful wedding photographer?

Courtesy: Wedding Photography by Indian Institute of Photography-IIP
Deepshikha Justa
Deepshikha Justa

IIP Sponsored. There was a time when wedding photography was all about posing awkwardly with your family members. With the growth in the wedding photography industry that all has changed in the last few years. Couples those following the latest trend and one with an artistic side, in particular, is making sure that their wedding-day album is a piece of art. On the other hand clicking pictures for a wedding is not a duck soup. Your task is to capture the happiest day of a couple’s life. One wrong step can tarnish happy memories of a romantic occasion.

Lately wedding photography has been a popular careerchoice. Most of the enthusiast photographer are opting for photography course from Indian Institute of Photography as they offer best of knowledge in all genre. So for those who are inclined towards wedding photography, let us discuss a few points that can help to make your journey smooth.

Courtesy: Wedding Photography by Indian Institute of Photography-IIP


It is the most essential part to get your work done right. Interact with the couple and understand their character.It will help you to get the perfect look for your images as their likes and dislikes matters. You can always show them a range of wedding photography styles and ask them toselect some.

List down important points

Do not miss out on capturing an important picture like the bride with her friends, the groom with his favorite uncle, you name it there are many. To ensure you don’t disappoint the bride and the groom, sit down with the couple and make a list so that nothing escapes your lens.

Courtesy: Wedding Photography by Indian Institute of Photography-IIP

Give space to shoot Intimate moments

To encourage the newly-weds to act natural and cuddle up in front of the camera for the best shot it is best to give space. In that case take a step back, use a longer lens and start photographing from a distance. The couple will be at ease that will further helpin gettingbetter shots.

Courtesy: Wedding Photography by Indian Institute of Photography-IIP

You should be well equipped with the backup

The fall out of the camera at the last moment is a complete no, no. To save yourself from the disasterbe prepared with a backup. Always carry anextra camera with the lenses, spare batteries to ensure that you’re not up the creek without a paddle if the worst should happen.

Shoot the venue

As wedding always runs late, so showing up early to take pictures of the venue is a smart move. This means taking all the shots before the wedding is going to be a herculean task.Your client will certainly be impressed.
If you are about to embark on your first wedding photography gig, always remember that you have to learn to walk before you can run. So, grow step by step to become a skilled photographerand opt for an online photography course from IIP, Noida. Wedding Photography Packages Starting from ₹45000.‎

Courtesy: Wedding Photography by Indian Institute of Photography-IIP


Those who wish to pursue photography profession, we also offer free career counseling. For more details please click here….

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