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Covid-19 Vaccine – A Needle Of Deceit Or A Saviour?


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Covid, covid, covid … vaccine, vaccine, vaccine …. The rant goes on in the media.

But, do every one of us need it?

Let us do a little bit of research.

The total coronavirus cases have mounted to 89,12,907 with 38,617 infections being reported in a day. The Big Media focuses on these numbers, but buries the positive numbers, by employing fear factor theory.

Covid-19: Mexico to join clinical trials of Russian vaccine | The Daily Star

What are the positive numbers? Though India’s Covid caseload has gone past 89 lakh, the number of people who have recuperated crossed 83 lakh.

Therefore, the national recovery rate stands at 93.52 percent and the fatality rate at 1.47 percent. This hardly gets highlighted in the media.

Compare this with the deaths registered due to the Spanish Flu pandemic in India between 1918-1920.

The pandemic had approximately killed up to 14–17 million people in the country, the most among all countries.

The pandemic broke out in Bombay in June 1918 possibly via ships carrying troops returning from the First World War in Europe. It hit different parts of India in three waves with the second wave being the highest in mortality rate.

The death rate peaked in the last week of September 1918 in Bombay, in the middle of October in Madras, and in the middle of November in Calcutta.

The pandemic severely affected younger people in the age group of 20–40, with women suffering disproportionately.

As a result of the severity of the outbreak, the year 1919 saw a reduction of births by around 30 percent. Phew!

Fast forward to 2020.

Bill Gates coronavirus interview: vaccines, masks, and US leadership -  Business Insider

As we are all aware, during his 2010 TED talk, Bill Gates had spoken about a plan to reduce the world’s population through vaccines. So, did he get this idea of depopulating the earth from the past experiences of pandemics including the Spanish Flu?

Gates has pledged $250 million in efforts to fight the Covid pandemic, and his foundation has spent billions of dollars in the healthcare sector in developing countries over the past 20 years.

Let us keep this contested report aside. Let us come back to the main issue.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic, as many as 1.6 crore people died, but the Covid pandemic has just climbed to 1.31 lakh only, and yet vaccines are becoming India’s most sought for a topic now. Especially in India, Covid vaccines have become a rage.

Who is scaring the people? The elite including people like Bill Gates and the big media. They are funding and operating the pre-sale marketing of this needless vaccine.

Needless, because the national recovery rate from the pandemic is 93.52 percent, and the fatality rate just 1.47 percent. And, this has been achieved by India without the use of vaccine!!!!!!!!

If this the truth, why will it be pushed so aggressively? Why is the elite not spreading awareness about the toxins present in the vaccine? Is it a savior or a needle of deceit?

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    It seems to be a part of international Conspiricy by the “Kill Gate” & Associates.

  2. वैदिक दलित Vedic dhalit says:

    Please make vedio on you tube channel on vaccination

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