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Author: BD Naraayannkar


How China Used Twitter To Let Loose Fake Narrative On Chinese Virus

The Chinese virus started in the dragon country. To change the narrative, China has begun to tweet. What the tweets are like? The tweets are alleging that the US Army brought the virus to...


Hindu Temples, Filmstars, Sportspersons Rally To Fight Chinese Virus In India

As the deadly Chinese virus is spreading its tantacles across India, several Hindu temples, filmstars and sportspersons, have committed financial help to the state and central governments, in their fight against the deadly disease....


Rata Tata’s Group Leads Corporates’ Pack, Commits Rs 1,500 Cr To Fight Chinese Virus

Crores of donations committed by the celebrated corporate bosses to fight Chinese virus must have taken the wind out of the China-backed propaganda media’s to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s efforts to save...

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