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Dawood’s Supari: High Time Centre Acts Against Fascist Uddhav Govt


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It is high time for the central government to take action against the fascist Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra following Dawood Ibrahim giving supari of USD 5 million to target Republic TV.

This is of utmost importance because this issue goes beyond targetting Arnab Goswami’s news channel as it is about threatening the country’s sovereignty.


According to Goa Chronicle’s Editor in Chief Savio Rodrigues, an officer of Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group is in touch with someone in Mumbai Police or an influential media man, who is working on plans to restrict Arnab and Republic TV.

The main purpose of this is to stop Arnab and his channel from focusing on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case which the CBI and other two central agencies are pursuing.

The focus on Sushant’s death is also putting certain political leaders in an awkward position with direct or indirect links to Bollywood, drugs, and Dawood, Savio said.

“One week ago … a source of “ working in an international intelligence arm that focuses on South Asia terrorism and counter-terrorism informed that a number: 0092306####310 has been in touch with key people in India and their focus discussion has been to work on plans to restrain Arnab Goswami and Republic TV Network,” he wrote in his news portal.

“The source also mentioned that this person could be in touch with someone in Mumbai police or in touch with someone influential in the media fraternity but could not affirmatively confirm who is the person receiving the calls from Pakistan,” he added.

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An investigation into the Pakistani number led to Ishaq, who is the officer belonging to the SSG.

SSG is an elite commando unit of the Pakistan Army and the officers are recruited by Pakistan’s ISI.

SSG carries out operations in matters of foreign internal defense, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism action, direct action, and unconventional warfare.

It also carries out information and psychological operations, which is evident in a series of legal and economic attacks on Arnab and Republic TV.

Savio also revealed that actress Kangana Ranaut too would be targeted in a similar manner.

He claimed that the D-Gang started targeting Arnab after his channel vehemently targeted Dawood’s business – drugs and Bollywood – post-Sushant Singh Rajput’s death under mysterious circumstances.

He also claimed that the intelligence officer told him that the D-Gang’s focus is to target Arnab legally, economically, and mentally.

However, the terrorist has not taken any known decision to harm Arnab, which badly exposes his nexus with Bollywood and Mumbai establishment.

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